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Gigi here! here, with Dirt-Cheap Drugstore Delights for the Financially Drained . . .

Losing your merry spirit after Christmas shopping? I hope the following help you to glam on for holiday festivities and are useful to fill stockings on a tight budget.

Pond’s Clean Sweeps Towlelettes have been highly rated and are new and improved! These moist cloths remove makeup with no residue or oil, even the most stubborn products. They come in other formulas along with the classic. The Micro Dermabrasion sheets cool and refresh with ingredients like green tea, aloe, and cucumber as they tenderly exfoliate. The Age-Defying formula employs alpha hydroxy, retinol, and Vitamin C to nurture. And all this from a towelette? What else do you want? Hint: Pond’s Cold Cream is not a thing of the past, but a “must-have.” Lipids bond to remove oil for consummate purification, but follow with another cleanser.

Gloves found at drugstores come in a variety of forms (cotton, cotton/polyester blends, etc.), and no one touches mine but me! Festive, vibrant nail polish is perfect for the season, but not if your hands or nails look battered by the cold or dry heart. I’ll share my beauty secret for winter-whipped skin. Shhh . . . don’t tell anyone. I layer moisturizers, beginning with cuticle crème and then a variety of hand emollients, finishing with a silicone-based one or Vaseline itself to seal in hydration. Whip off in the morning and watch water bead from your skin. Be forewarned: gloves are not conducive to romance but are worth it at times.

Chapstick’s True Shimmer Balm updated their traditional product and it was a tad disappointing (available in “Tropical” and “Botanical Berry”). I never leave my pout unprotected and began with the original Chapstick at age three (I also used a gross of candy lipstick in two weeks at that age!) These didn’t live up to their dazzling advertisement as sheen is minimal, but they’re pleasantly fragrant and stay put because they contains beeswax and more. Berry leaves a hint of flattering pink.

GenTeal® Lubricating Eye Gel comforts, refreshes and brightens for times when you haven’t had sufficient beauty rest from festivities or are experiencing irritation. For most of my life, I’ve carried Visine in my purse and kept bottles at work, home, everywhere. Ophthalmologists contend that it’s dangerous, as ingredients constrict swollen blood vessels and remove redness but may cause permanently dilated blood vessels and blindness. This is a better option.

Revlon’s Portable Magnifying Mirror is a hit, but it’s not for cowards. It has suction cups for temporary mounting. When they say magnifying, they mean it! Take a deep breath and try not to cry, as every pore, line, or unwanted facial hair is exaggerated. I thought I saw the surface of the moon complete with craters although my skin is in good shape. You can’t miss a thing with this (do you hear Aerosmith singing in the background?). I gave one to a friend and she said, “Yeah, thanks a lot” as she had the same experience. She is never without it now, as it’s the perfect way to apply makeup and tweeze flawlessly.

“Diamond Dust” Shadow by Revlon adds instant Holiday drama fit for a diva. It’s available in understated shades of peach, gold, pink, and more. Use over your entire lid or simply smudge on browbones and let yourself glow! I’m also given to using it on cheekbones or above my pupils for a wide-awake look.

And you still have money left over, gorgeous . . .Who else can add a fabulous frugal find?

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