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I was visiting my friend Ellison who lives in Memphis in a house that was built in 1955. We were laughing and so totally wishing that we lived in the 1950’s because the clothes were so cool and we decided it would be so much fun. This was further embedded in my mind when I went to see Hairspray tonight. The skirts! The pastels! The petticoats! The headbands! It is so me! My mom says I already live that! I thought about it And, unfortch (or fortch I guess), its really not all that far from my real life. Just take note of the photo. That’s a University of Mississippi football Saturday. Year: 2006. No, it’s not 1956. My friend Anna on the left, that’s Ellison in the middle, myself ( I look like crap its about 1000% humidity in Mississippi in August that and its about 3 pm in the photo and I had been drinking since like 9 am, go figure) Kent (Anna’s fiance and a friend, Mark). This is real life, people. Ok so that’s my random story. Yes we dress up for football games. Its not weird, It’s fun. I love football season – that’s what fall is to me.

Which reminds me, the whole point of this is that this, today, Saturday July 28, is your Fall Sneak Peak day. You wondered what’s new for fall? You want to know before everyone else? You so are.

Oh my gosh – where to start?

Fresh Sugar Lip Glosses – same great benefits as the Sugar Lip Balm – but in colored glosses. Only at Sephora. They’re awesome! Get some!

Smashbox Decadent Collection has the most GORGEOUS blush and lipstick! They’ve also brought back the JetSet waterproof cream liners. There’s black and also Lust which is Limited edition which is a brown-black with gold shimmer. Oh I love it love it love it!

Caudalie will soon have Vinoperfect WITH SPF because who doesn’t need SPF? If you haven’t gone to try out Vinoperfect, even with your old moisturizer your skin will have a new, glowing, fabulous life. Take my word for it!

Oh, and Im sure I am so not supposed to be telling anyone this but those of you who are LORAC fans – Croc Palette, the Snake Charmer, then PREPARE yourselves for the SHOWSTOPPER (not out till September sorry but I can’t stand to wait that long!). It’s a jet-beaded compact with a gorgeous mermaid-greenish black, a shimmery neutral a gold, and and Orgasm-like blush. You will just die if you don’t have it. I, Katie, will die if I do not have it.

For those of you acne-prone girls – Boscia has released a brand new Acne line which I have to say ROCKS. It has a great anti-septic cleanser, an awesome, soothing, toner, a treatment with BOTANICAL BLAST (jazz hands and spirit fingers a must) with 3x the amount of willow bark in the Willowbark treatment (CRAP I’ve lost my training sheets for the specifics) but oh my gosh this natural line with no preservatives is so great for dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, PUH-LEASE drop into Sephora and Check it out.

And let’s all pray that maybe this is the year (senior year) that Katie will actually have a date to a football game. Just maybe.


Ladies, what are you waiting to try? Be sure to enter to win for the Smashbox decadence set! It is amazing!

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