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The fabulous and phenomenal Molly from Face Stockholm sent an array of their fabulous products to try! This post is extremely painful for me to write. NO! The products are amazing. So amazing that they started a conversation towards a friendship. One that was ended too soon.

When I was a model in NY the only products that were ever put on my face were those by FACE STOCKHOLM. For real. My make-up artist did put on another brands fake eyelashes, but for make-up? She’d force me out of bed and out to Columbus Circle (NY Address) to get the perfect camera-ready make-up from FACE.

All make-up artists knew their products were top-notch. Not only do they photograph perfectly but the day-to-day colors are amazing!

I remember being at The Bowery Bar in NYC in 1994 back when it was impossible to get a table at. My pictures were being considered to be one of the campaigns for CK1 ( I know I’m aging myself here). The phone calls for this campaign were between my agent and a woman named Carolyn Bessette.She was the decider.

I got a call to make myself ready for The Bowery Bar. Carolyn Bessette was there and she wanted to get a chance to meet me. I was my usual wacky self. Carolyn and I laughed through-out dinner and as it goes, all women go to the bathroom together, I put on my Face Stockholm lipstick. It was the perfect shade. Carolyn was looking in the mirror as I applied my lipstick and we washed our hands. “Oh, Meg, that color is so nice. Who makes it? Can I try it?”

It was about a year later when I read she married JFK Jr. And would only allow Face Stockholm products on her face for her wedding day.

No, Calvin Klein did not pick me but he did leave me a friend in Carolyn. We would go to The Vandam Diner and laugh over nothing. We would call each other just to chat and giggle until we had to go to sleep. I knew she was afraid to “be a Kennedy” and we would promise each other not to talk about it so not to jinx it.

When I moved I found my Filofax. Do you remember those things? Little books you actually had to write the persons name and numbers in? I threw it out. I opened to the page with all of Carolyn’s info on it and it stung. Yes, she was gorgeous, yes she used Face Stockholm, yes, yes and all yes. She could also tell a hysterical joke. She also hated having roots every 2 weeks, she would also return a call in an hour.

So as the circle of life continues, I am here to report on Face Stockholm. It was very therapeutic for me to write the above so thanks for reading.I miss you Carolyn!

FACE STOCKHOLM sent us an array of products, Here’s what they say “FACE Stockholm offers a spectacular range of colors and uses only the highest quality and most natural ingredients. With more than 200 lip shades, over 150 eye shadows, blushes, foundations, powders, professional makeup tools, and a natural skin care line, we are eco-conscious, using minimal and recycled packaging and never testing on animals.

Every FACE Stockholm store is staffed with professional makeup artists who are the top talent in the business, yet are unpretentious and approachable and will give you a makeup lesson that looks like YOU! Our intimate retail spaces create a friendly, easy atmosphere, where you will find the products that help you look your best.”

Ladies, please post if Carolyn was right to insist FACE be the only face to touch hers!



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