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There’s a bunch of reasons I LOVE Megsmakeup. I love the women I have been able to meet, Jen Hill, 38goingon29 is a smart, sassy and involved reviewer She tells it like it is and I am very proud of her! You see Jen decided to take some of her experience as a Megsmakeup tester and start her own beauty site! Mythbuster Beauty – See it Here!
I think it’s awesome that we can help take more fact out of fiction from the cosmetic counters! The more information out there is one less dollar wasted! I encourage all of our readers to write what peeves them, what makes them shout with glee! It’s all a learning experience and hording your knowledge is so wasteful! We’re all in the race against time so let’s share. Jen wrote to me that she was a “SAHM”. I had to ask 4 people and finally Google it to see she was a “StayAtHomeMom”.

Jen interveiwed me for her site, I hope it’s not boring. The coolest part of the interveiw was that she asked me…What is your favorite song? She plays my favorite song in the background of my interview. How cool is that?

So there is no “Mondays with Meg” this week because I think Mythbuster Beauty – Learn about Meg Here! covers it.

However, my favorite song is written by Ani DiFranco and covered brilliant by Alana Davis. If you’re looking for the song to make you happy to jump into your car, I suggest you add this to your ipod. Stat. The lyrics are such the Megsmakeup gal! 32 Flavor Lyrics

Support a Megsmakeup gal doing things her own way! Awesome Jen! We think you rock and are proud you have the gonad’s to go your own way! Keep busting the beauty myths!

Any other ladies inspired to start their own beauty blog?

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