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babylotionBabyLove here! Before I became a mother, I’m pretty certain that my tear ducts didn’t exist. It’s not that I wasn’t sensitive, or empathetic, it was just that I didn’t cry much. After having children, my emotions seem like they’re making up for lost time. My two soft spots are obviously children who are suffering, in pain, abused, etc. and animals.

On Tuesday, my son Calum had tubes put in his ears. After a long year of constant ear infections, we decided this would be the best solution to the problem. The surgery took ten minutes, and in fifteen, we were back with Cali in the recovery room. So you can imagine, that at a children’s hospital there are other children, besides mine, in the room. There was a little boy, about 3, who was waking up from the anesthesia. He was hysterically crying, confused to his whereabouts, wanting his mom. Naturally, I burst into tears for this little boy. My husband and our nurse were staring at me like I was a lunatic, and I kept saying, “I know I’m being ridiculous.” His nurse finally had someone sent for his mother and he was so relieved to have her finally there. This story brings me to our next company and to a really amazing contribution you can make if you purchase one of their products.

Erbaorganics donates 15% of their gross sales from their baby body oil and body wash to the Worldwide Orphan Foundation (WWO).  Founded in 1997, by Dr. Jane Aronson, WWO, nurtures orphaned children throughout the world by providing them with the necessary medical, developmental, psychological, and educational programs to help each child reach their full potential. These children, unlike the little boy at the hospital the other day, aren’t privy to medical treatment at one of the best children hospitals in the world, or the love and attention from their mothers.

Erbaorganics carries a line for mommy and for baby. Their products are natural, and free of artificial colorings and parabens. What’s especially great about this site, is that if you know any expectant mothers, it’s a one stop shop. You can pick up something for their pending arrival, and something for mom to pamper herself with. We all know how incredibly miserable being pregnant and swollen is! reviewers had the chance to sample their baby lotion. I was especially pleased with this lotion because (and I say this in a good way) there wasn’t anything fancy about it. It was just really good lotion, that worked really well. It is herbal and earthy smelling, but I didn’t mind because it reminded me of a herbal tea bag which I love! It retails at $13 for a 4 oz. tube, but it works so well that I found I only needed to apply it to the boys every other day. I am guilty of using this on myself as well. In the winter, my back gets super dry, so I’ve gotten a few massages from the hubby using this lotion and it makes my skin soft without that burning or tingling feeling you get when treating really dry skin.

I am a fan of this product, and more importantly this company. Please check out their site, and if you’re in the market to try a new baby oil or wash, pick some up here, and help the cause.

Have you ladies ever tried Erbaorganics?
Maybe it’s about time to buy from Erbaorganics and give back!

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