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Goddess Granny here! I am a freak for “Hello Kitty”…sorry,I make no apologies.It is a universally adorable,girly,non-threatening,and fun little icon and she’s been brought to life in almost every incarnation and form! I have a few of Tarina Tarrantino’s fabulous pieces and all new baby girls in my life are gifted with “something Kitty” by me. SOOOOOOOO……when I caught wind that MAC was teaming up with Sanrio (who trademarks Kitty) for a line,I was over the moon. Seriously.

Not for myself but for my 11 year old grandaughter, Hannah who is on her way to becoming a 3rd gen MAC girl because she snags all the lipglass she can get her hands on from her Mom and me, LOL!

I cannot confirm this but it’s been whispered that the “launch date” has been moved up to Feb 10th…tomorrow.I had previously heard that it would be on the 12th online/14 in stores.If I hadn’t gotten an invite to the “cocktail party” last week here in San Antonio,trust me,I’d be slamming that F5 tommorrow like a fiend in hopes of scoring something MAC/KITTY!!! I DID Get to go to the pre-launch and bought as much for my girl as I could manage…she will be over the moon when the box reaches her for Valentine’s. 🙂

The line itself is TDF….the colors are girly and fun,the accessories are just SO damn cute(Tarina designed the bracelet…) and Kitty herself is black for the first time ever which is just SO very MAC!!!

Nordstrom’s also put it online and it sold out in like an hour plus they’ve been doing pre-sales…I can’t tell you “how” to score some of this line but I WILL tell you that it’s going to be hotter than hell and WILL sell out everywhere quickly! The vampires on Ebay are already trying to command ridiculous prices for items purchased at pre-parties…I am all for a profit but sometimes,it’s just simply greedy- greed!

SOOOOOOOO…if you haven’t heard this already,love Kitty,and want to try and get some of these really cool and fun items,get ready to start stalking the MAC site,calling your fav counter person,and gearing up for it all…it’s going to be good!

The lipglasses, lipsticks,”beauty powder” (in a cute sparkly compact w/Kitty embossed on it!) pigment,and nail polishes were my favs in the line…

Lotsa’ Luck and Kitty out!!! (I will let you in on yet another “Kitty-tidbit” in a couple of weeks…:)





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