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IllamasquaHey, MissRo here! Some makeup brands are all about enhancing our natural beauty. Others pride themselves on being made with organic ingredients and recycled packaging. Some we buy just for the fun packaging, while others have a rainbow of colors to create any look we want. Well how about embracing your alter ego! (if you have one)

Illamasqua, from London, is a new makeup line on the scene. Launched in November 2008 by world-renowned makeup artist and Artistic Director Alex Box with the help of leading makeup manufacturers and chemists, is all about encouraging self-expression and individuality. Inspired by the 1920s Berlin club scene and London’s famous underground scene, Illamasqua is all about bringing out the most dramatic side of you.

What I like about them is instead of the usual lips, cheeks, face, and eyes categories, they use bite, scratch, pierce, and lure, very creative! The photos of each of their collections is absolutely stunning! Check out their 1920s Berlin collection.

What I also really like about this line is the fact that they highlight and support the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. The story is that Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend were attacked by a gang of teenagers and their injuries killed them. The reason for the attack?… They looked different. Sylvia Lancaster shortly after created the Sophie Lancaster Foundation to help stamp out prejudice and intolerance everywhere. Bravo!

You can check out and purchase the full line of Illamasqua at Sephora.

What do you think of this new line?

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