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Few women in this world make a mark that lasts beyond the ages. Those that do, leave a legacy that binds women to their distinct characteristics and makes a lasting impression on generations to come.  In my own way Sweetassgal tries to make my little contribution with Green Chi Tuesdays… but I’ll never measure up to the women that set the standards. Cleopatra, Helen of Troy, Vivian Leigh, Elizabeth Taylor, Farrah Fawcett, Halle Berry all have made an indelible impressions on the female world. One person in particular was on the cusp of being just such an influence but was tragically taken from us all too soon.  Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy was poised to be American Royalty… and I adored her!
The morning of July 16th, 1999 I awoke to find my paper and the news of John, Carolyn and her sister Lauren’s tragic death. I remember sitting on my front porch reading it over and over again amidst a cloud of tears wondering how something so horrific could happen to such incredible people. Unfortunately in the kind of world we live in, someone’s untimely death manages to peak interest and solidify their celebrity for the ages. As a result of this everything about Carolyn became instant legend. What she wore, how she did her hair, what did she eat to stay so trim. The interest was SO high that the salesmen at Kiehl’s in NYC had to protect her product list from the public because everyone kept coming in asking for the same products Carolyn used. That secret was more heavily guarded than the Coca Cola recipe!
But one thing was common knowledge and became a sort of Carolyn signature.  Anyone who knew her or even had the pleasure of brushing by her on the streets of the City knew Carolyn always smelled of Egyptian Musk Oil. This heady, earthy and intoxicating scent trailed behind her everywhere she went. For years, Carolyn wannabes could be found dressing in Calvin Klein, wearing her signature red lipstick and dousing themselves in Egyptian musk oil. I was a little more individualistic than that but I did succumb to hunting down a bottle of the oil. I wear it from time to time when the mood hits me and it always takes me back to the vision of Carolyn in her Narciso Rodriquez wedding dress. Pure class, with a touch of the unexpected. That’s how I feel when I wear this truly unique scent.
Egyptian Musk Oil can be bought just about anywhere you find pure oils. You can find pure organic and vegan versions online at Etsy. Seacoast Splendor has a bottle for just $9.99. But if you’re a little more adventurous you can make your own at home. Let me just say off the bat that I have never liked the scent of Patchouli. It reminds me of my mom’s old hippie friends that used Patchouli in place of an actual shower. Ick. Egyptian Musk Oil contains Patchouli but it does not overpower it and it doesn’t smell like bad smoke shop incense. Other ingredients blend together to make this musk one of a kind.
Ingredients and Supplies needed

    * Dried Patchouli Leaves
    * Wilted Rose Petals
    * Glass canning jar with lid and ring, also known as a fruit or Mason jar
    * Carrier Oil, such as a high quality Olive Oil or Sweet Almond Oil
    * Vitamin E (One Softgel)
    * Large Bowl or Pot filled 1/2 way with hot tap water.
    * One Square of Cheesecloth
    * Ribbon or String, 8-inch length
    * Plastic Funnel
    * Decorative Bottle
    * Scissors
    * Plate

Clean and dry the jar, ring and lid. In the large bowl or pot, combine the wilted rose petals and the dried patchouli leaves. Loosely fill the jar with the mixture, to about an inch from the top. Pour base oil over the mixture.  With scissors, snip the Vitamin E soft gel and squirt it into the jar. Discard the gel cap. Put the rubber ring on and secure the jar top then shake vigorously. Fill the large bowl or pot with hot tap water. Place the jar in the water and leave it in there until cooled completely. Remove and shake again. Place the jar in a warm area and shake several times a day for 30 days.
When the solution is ready use the decorative jar and funnel to put the oil in.  Line the funnel with some cheesecloth and place in the bottle. Slowly pour the contents of the jar into the funnel and once the petals have filled the funnel, squeeze the cloth to get the rest of the oil into the bottle. Put the petals on a plate and seal up the bottle. Your fragrance is done!
Now add the leaves and petals from the plate to the cheesecloth and tie tightly with the ribbon. Place the bath sachet in a plastic Ziploc bag and refrigerate. To use, just place the sachet in the bathtub and fill with water. You have created a soothing, aromatic bath for yourself (and your bathroom will smell wonderful also).

There are many kinds of oils to choose from to create your unique scent. Egyptian Musk oil may be the perfect one for you or maybe something else will tickle your fancy. Either way, pure oils are relatively inexpensive (when compared to department store perfume’s), they last a long time and a little goes a long way. I urge you to try some and maybe play with a few scent combinations too. Who knows who might just be the next influential woman who sets the style standard with a signature scent of your own! GLAM ON!

How many of you ladies have tried to create your own scent?
What did you experiment with?

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