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We’re proud to have Rachael Robbins, our own Beautyzilla, present this week’s drugstore deals…

-911 Operator: what is your emergency?
I’ve been robbed!
-What was stolen from you?
-A family heirloom!
-Do you know who took it?
-Yes, my roommate. I was in the process of moving out today, notice it was missing, called her at work to see if she knew where it was and she told me that she had it! And won’t give it back until I bring her the keys. I went to her job, brought her the keys and she still refuses to return it!!!
-I am dispatching two cars to you right now. Can you describe the item for me?
-Yes, it’s a blue, well it used to be blue, now it’s kind of grayish, HE’S kind of grayish, He’s a camel with wrinkled knees…..
-Mam, do you mean the one from “Raggedy Ann and Andy, and the camel with the Wrinkled Knees” are we talking about a stuffed animal?
-Yes, I’ve had him all my life. He’s worth more then all the money in the world to me! I just have to get him back!
-Sit tight, the officers will be there shortly.

For whatever reason (it was a slow day for crime in NYC, the dispatcher had a stuffed toy she loved, the officers thought I was hot) these fine NYC police officers walked right into the Armani store where my evil roommate was holding Camel hostage and brought him back to me, safe and sound. I’ll never forget the sight of them walking around the corner, holding my Camel as if he was a dirty diaper, smiles on their faces as I cried with joy!

OK, I know what you’re thinking: cute story, but what could it possible have to do with make-up or DD’s?? So here it is, try to follow me on this one. When I lived with the dirty-camel-stealer I used a shampoo called Shimmer Lights It’s color enhancing shampoo that brightens and refreshes blonde and grey hair. It has never changed it’s formula or scent for as long as I can remember. I don’t always use it, but I always keep a bottle in my shower for when I feel like my hair is getting a little brassy or dull. When ever I smell it, I am transported back to the Camel-kidnapping era!

It’s so easy to get transported back in time when we catch a whiff of a familiar scent. Or even when we use a particular product. I looked around my house and noticed a bunch of good old standards that I’ve been buying at the drug store for years and thought I’d share them with you.

Lubriderm Daily Moisturizer with SPF 15 is a super moisturizing lotion GREAT for the sunny summer months when we have more skin exposed to the dangerous rays of the sun. It isn’t at all sticky or funky feeling like sun screens tend to be. And it’s light, fresh scent reminds me of when I lived in Los Feliz CA in a 3 bedroom with two rock stars! Hiking in Griffith Park. Drinking at Jumbo’s Clown Room. Eating at Jack in the Box. Crazy times! This has been my go-to summer body cream for almost a decade. And if you live someplace like LA, you can’t escape the sun, even if you’re not sunbathing, driving in the car can cause sunburns.

Sally Hansen ‘Dries Instantly” 30 second top coat is the fastest drying top coat in the west (and east and everything in between!). I’ve tried all the fancy brands and I keep coming back to this one! It reminds me of when I would visit Meg (for a month at a time!) during our swinging single days. Days of competing on game shows to make the rent (but that is totally another story!). We’d paint this on our nails and it gave us the illusion of a fresh manicure, which we couldn’t afford in those days. I recommend getting two bottles, one for painting over dark colors and one for light shades.

Cover Girl Perfect Blend eyeliner in perfect black This is the best thing to just throw in your purse in case you get caught out with no make-up on and need to glam up on the go! It’s got a luscious, rich, creamy eyeliner on one end and a sponge on the other to create a quick Smokey eye effect. So many eye liners out there are too hard and don’t glide on easily. Especially on maturing eyes. This eyeliner also long wearing, so if you like to rim the insides of your eyes with black to achieve that husky-dog look, its perfect! I was introduced to this eyeliner when I was working on an Off-Broadway show called “Pieces….(of ass)”. Our make-up artist would scream “DARKER DARKER DARKER!!!” I think it took me a year after the show finished to scrub all that eyeliner off!

And no walk down make-up memory lane would be complete without mentioning Wet and Wild’s Lip liner in 666 The most perfect shade to wear under any lipstick or alone with a clear gloss. When I was working as a make-up artist, I would use this lipliner on EVERYONE and EVERYONE would inevitable write it down so they could run out and buy it, post shoot! And for just .99, how can you go wrong?

Ladies, what are your DD staples!!

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