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Oprah is all over this remedy…Dremu Oil. I have to admit, what the heck is this? There is a little known beauty secret that the Aborigines from Australia knew very well, Emu Oil. This natural oil acts as a protective serum, calming sensitivity and soothing redness. It can be used as a moisturizer alone or a few drops under your moisturizer as a boost. In addition, it can be used safely around the eye area. The best feature of this natural oil is that once it penetrates the skin, it makes the skin feel soft not oily. My favorite comes from Dremu Skincare.

O.K. got it. Sometimes drunk at night I see those alpaca commercials, I think of having a beautiful Alpaca farm.

The alpaca ain’t got a nuth’in on the Emu.

Beautyzilla used to live in Austraila, she said that the Emu was to aloe to what we have. Follow that?

Emu is aloe, Emu is hydration, Emu is the cure.

O.K. I got it. Can my Emu produce these claims…“Dremu Oil:Reduces wrinkles without needles Light, odorless nopore clogging World’s most effective moisturizer Penetrates deeply to reduce wrinkles Absorbs immediatelCalms redness Plumps up fine lines Hastens healing Soothes roughness Rehydrates dry, chapped, skin.

Forget the alpaca farm. This Emu Oil seems to be where the money is at!!

Ladies please post if I have to raise Emu’s to get their age-defying potion?

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