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The fresh and natural Valeria sent Meg’s Make-Up some Dr. Faissol & Dr. Sharp Fluoride-Free Herbal Toothpaste in the flavors of Green Tea Therapy, Creme De Menthe, Creme De Anise and Natural Whitening. You maybe thinking “who cares? It’s toothpaste”.

Here’s why you should care, one it costs $18. O.k. $18 dollars is not going to break anyone’s bank but have you ever spent $18 on a toothpaste? I know I sure haven’t. Reason number #2, FLOURIDE-FREE. I was always from the school that fluoride was good for you. I had no idea fluoride has been linked to a number of health problems, from thyroid problems to osteoporosis, however, hardly any drugstore carries a fluoride-free toothpaste. Not only that but did you know that most European countries and Japan have banned the use of fluoride in their water? I know, who knew?

The beautiful and wonderful Zitomer’s catalog came to me! What a treat that is to browse through! That’s where this high-end specialty toothpaste brand called out my name. I hate the artificial, cheap and sugary taste to most of the toothpastes on the market. Once the Dr.’s toothpaste arrived I selected “Natural Whitening”.

I love using it. I love the non-artificial taste from it. I love having “DR” in bold letters across the tube. The best part? I LOVE squeezing out a paste for my teeth that is not turquoise blue, aqua green or sparkly red with glitter. I know, call me crazy but the simple, white paste seemed both classic and effective.

As disconcerting ladies that obsess over every beauty item we purchase, why aren’t we more concerned about the everyday item we smear on our teeth every morning?

Why don’t I know about this fluoride scandal? How do I not know that but do know JT is with Jessica Biel. What is wrong with my priorities?

Ladies please post if your Dr. Faissol and Dr. Sharp Fluoride-Free Herbal Toothpaste made you want to dump your cinnamon flavor Crest

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Dr. Faissol & Dr. Sharp Fluoride-Free Herbal Toothpaste

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