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Meg here! We are hot on the trail pulling together a great wine tasting trip for next year! You’re all going to be invited and I’ll keep you in the loop with the details.

If you need a little at home practice then look no further for our Exclusive Meg Head Offer!

No high like a bargain! TWO BOTTLES! Packed in pristine pink with glamorous black boxes you’ll be the belle of the ball! FABULOUS! Sorelle per Sempre- Sisters Forever! You’ll have to be sisters forever-once you finish the second bottle together a few secrets will slip out that really need to stay in the family Innocent

I wrote the last bit and it was such an amazing time that I am throwing the rest to my own personal Sorelle per Sempre Eleni!

Eleni here! There’s nothing classier than a wine with a personalized label – and that’s what the Sorelle per Sempre – Sisters Forever wine feels like!

Picture yourself holding a slumber party for your girlfriends, wearing your silk pink pjs and taking THAT wine out of the box while all your friends are waiting in anticipation.

Picture yourself throwing a cocktail party and gathering your girls in the back room to gossip, all with your nice dresses and perfect makeup and cute heels and taking THAT wine out of the box while all your friends are waiting for a signal to start dishing the dirt!

Picture yourself having a chat with your best friend and sharing all those stories that bond you to death (a.k.a. “If you share this with anyone I will have to kill you”) and drinking THAT wine while doing so.

Actually, picture yourself at any given occasion with your girlfriends and having the Sorelle per Sempre – Sisters Forever wine as your star accessory.

That wine makes me want to organize girly events, just so I can have an excuse to buy it!
Any cool ideas anyone?

Check out That wine here!

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