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Meg here! Huge thanks and much love to the Donati Family Vineyard for hosting at their unbelievable winery! Fun is not even a strong enough word to describe it! Apparently after I’ve had a few glasses I turn into an old British woman. It’s OK, it happens to Madonna stone cold sober.

Make a road trip-preferably by limo-and get yourself and your ladies together for a day of wine tasting! Limo is key, split a few bucks between the each of you and no one has to worry about going off-roading after your event! There’s just no way you’re going to be able to navigate a vehicle (high heels are even a challenge) after you stick your nose into several glasses…

This is part 1 on our trip to Donati-wait until you see how cool part 2 is! I just wanted an introductory clip to show all the Megheads the Donati Family Vineyard background. Our most gracious host Lee gives an interesting history and puts up wonderfully with 8 women and their wacky ways!!

What do you ladies think? Wine tasting perfect girls night out? Who’s done one before with the ladies? If I put together a wine tasting event for all of us-who’s in?

Experience the best girl bonding wine in the world-for a deal!

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