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Meg here! I know New York City is not exactly an inexpensive place to live. I did it when I was 18 and I go to the city constantly. I feel like whenever I walk down the street I spent $200 and I can’t even figure out what on. I grab a coffee, a sandwich, maybe take a cab and there it goes. Slight exaggeration but only slight. I know the rents are sky high as well and I’m not hating on Zach. I just could not stop laughing at Zach’s decorating skills. My favorite part of this video? When Zach tells me “I’m not much of an interior decorator.”

Who is Zach? Zach is a sweet, single 26 year old professional living in Manhattan. He lives with the friend that I was staying with for New York Fashion Week. You can hear my friend dying laughing while filming this with my iphone.

It was a quick video, but it died before I could show you all the piece de resistance, Zach’s Budweiser Beer cardboard box shelf. Now that was something to see!

I haven’t been 26 for quite a while and I haven’t dated a 26 year old ever so I might be a little bit out of the loop. I know we have a lot of younger Meghead’s on here so maybe you all can chime in, is this pretty much what you’re expecting from your young, single boyfriend? Again, not being bitchy to Zach, he was a good sport but this room reminded of the caves they showed in Kabul while searching for Osama.How about the towel in front of the bed? Is this a new trend? Kiss I hope you ladies get a kick out of this. Let it load all the way before you watch and share some budget male friendly design tips for Zach, we know he’s going to want to hear what you have to say!

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