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stonecroppedRecently someone implied that I “didn’t act my age” and know what? I am taking it as a compliment although I suspect that wasn’t the intent…

Goddess Granny is turning yet another year “better” this week and for the first time in quite a few, I’m doing it up BIG: plans with gal-pals, date with husband, a night on the town with friends…all in the spirit of celebration and FUN and if I have my way, I will not be acting my age this week-not one little bit! I might even dig out a boa and tiara, which of course I own (don’t you?) I will flippin’ wear them just because I can and I double-dog dare anyone to tell me otherwise! After all, how old do you have to BE before you can do what YOU want to do?

I’m reading lots of articles these days about “embracing change” and that “the new normal is what’s normal TODAY” and trying to figure out what the hell I’m supposed to be feeling and doing at this point slightly beyond the half-century mark? I can only determine that it’s a whole new world of challenges and excitement out there for so many of us and I don’t think the traditional definition of “middle aged” is anything anymore. I think it’s simply yet another reason to be at one’s BEST regardless of what the calendar says. I could go on forever and name the names of those women I SO admire who are re-defining and setting fine examples of what women might aspire to be “like” at any age and I’m sure we all have a favorite “I wanna’ be like HER when I grow up!” lady we aspire to be like.

One thing I can assure everyone of is that you too WILL “get there” eventually and trust me, you’ll need some pointers because it’s MUCH easier to slide into the comfortable abyss of elastic-waist pants than to fight Mother Nature’s cruel jokes when it comes to being a female over a certain age and you still want to wear cute jeans!

One lady that comes to mind for me is Sharon Stone: a fan of her work for the most part but especially in the iconic role of “Ginger” in “Casino.” She’s someone who’s stood the tests of time and being in the public eye both positively and negatively. Stone has, like most of us, had her share of personal situations and loss of loves but she still looks AMAZING at age 52! In a recent interview says she is “Shameless” and proclaims that “It’s a skill every women should try!” Sharon also suggests that “It’s better to be called names that to be pressured into not being yourself…” I like her attitude a lot.

ALL women who don’t “play by the rules” of traditional society or those who choose not to live by that particular “set of standards” (God only knows who devised) would be considered “shameless.”  Probably known as “difficult” as well by those who don’t get what THEY expect out of her and her behaviors? Guilt about choices or lifestyles or anything really, well it is one helluva’ useless emotion. I’ve learned that time spent feeling guilty is time better spent changing the color on one’s toes or doing an hour of cardio! Kiss

So at what point do women in particular have to start “acting their age?” I adore Betty White age 88 and nothing delighted me more recently than to see her host SNL with more than a bit of slightly naughty humor! I’m sure most have seen Helen Mirren age 63 in “that” picture wearing a red bikini that knocked men everywhere to their knees and even Pamela Anderson age 42 commented while enduring the many long hours of tough physical-training required to be on “Dancing With The Stars” that she “Wished she had done this when she was younger…” Are we to wonder if they are “acting their ages?” I think not. I sure hope not. According to those who would judge by some archaic and downright mean-girl yardstick that would suggest you have to set some sort of example for society. At certain points in one’s life society may too deem your actions as not “acting your age…”

We all know and see the stereotypes on both sides of the beauty-fence: those “grey women” who are simply lost in the shuffle and feel that life has little left to offer except a pottery class and monthly meet-ups to chat about menopause. We also see those rather desperate souls who wear “Juicy” velour shorts when everyone wishes they wouldn’t. Those who haven’t changed their hair styles since High School as well as the ones who have had SO much “help” that their faces are frozen masks that defy time and expression.

I’m suggesting that no matter WHAT your “age” might be that you join me this week: embrace a bit of the shameless and let’s all start making every minute count in your OWN way regardless of a flippin’ number!! Push your luck, wear something non-typical, put on your brightest smile and enhance it with some seriously hot pink lipstick! Start to collectively kick down those barriers that suggest what the hell we as women should or shouldn’t do, wear, say, be, think, eat, look like or love! Let us continue to live on OUR terms slightly shamelessly and without any guilt dumped on us by anyone else!

Shameless: Feeling no shame, impervious to disgrace. No feeling of modesty or decency, brazen and impudent.

For me, it’s about damn time that I allow myself to feel shameless and invite y’all to get smarter faster than I have done! NEVER allow anyone to suggest to you that you aren’t “Acting your age!” I’m gonna’ go shoot some more hoops with my grandsons. I revel in the fact that my 11 yr old granddaughter is PROUD when people assume I’m her Mom and not her Mimi. I enjoy the fact that because I refuse to get “old” in body, mind or spirit that I can still stop a bit of traffic! I enjoy a “Girl’s Night Out” and sing “I Will Survive” very badly in public. I am damn sure that my husband enjoys the fact that his “girl” (as he calls me) is still thought of in certain circles as “Pretty damn hot…”

Beauty is confidence: I suggest we all add a dose of the shameless to that and in the world of our beautiful SAG, “Glam ON” no matter how young or old we really are!

Do you ever feel like you’re “supposed” to act or look a certain age or way because of ridiculous boundaries? Do you also think that you only get better and not just older?

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