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Jeanasina here! talking to you about my improvisational Body Beautiful experimentation extravaganza which took place tonight in the privacy of my own home! I didn’t have a definitive product to review so this was a great opportunity to play Dr. Frankenstein and see if I could create either a monster or a beauty secret to share with you.

I love to read reviews and blogs and gather as much information as I possibly can about beauty secret topics which peak my interest. This week I was looking for solutions for raw-hide skin conditions and I kept coming across, in all different places, including on Meg’s site. someone‘s beauty secret recipe… a recipe for making hand lotion. Each time I read a blog about it, everybody insisted that this lotion concoction made at home will make your hands feel SOOO good! One blog actually had 33 eye witness accounts of what this home-made lotion did for their skin! Just about all of those comments were in love with their lotion made at home!

So, tonight I’m cooking a batch of lasagna for my Harley man who is having a birthday tomorrow and I won’t get to see him at all because he works nights. I’m making sure he’ll be eatin’ good and honoring his birthday taste buds! So, as long as I was dirtying up multitudes of dishes and pans in the kitchen I thought “What the heck…I should make some lotion!”

Do you remember at all being a little kid and you and your friends would go out into the kitchen and get bowls and containers and you’d make concoctions using everything you could get your hands on to put into those bowls? My friends and I back in time used to call our creations ‘poison’ and it looked like it too – it usually was a nasty purplish heave consistency combination of flour and canned goods and juices and cornstarch and even mud and sticks.

Anyway…I had a mini-flash back of all of that when tonight I decided to make my skin-potion #9 in my kitchen. The main ingredients are baby lotion, vitamin E and a small jar of Vaseline. I had picked up baby lotion today and found vitamin E in a cream and a lotion form and of course I got a mid-size jar of Vaseline. You are supposed to get a large bowl, so of course I wasn’t taking any chances and I got out my GIANT SILVER INDUSTRIAL mixing bowl, the kind that they use in school lunchrooms, and a couple of beaters hooked up to my electric mixer. The measurements vary depending on the person making it but it’s always the same 3 ingredients. Well, I have to tell you, I’m not a fan of baby lotion smells on myself. I conducted intense smelling tests over my lunch hour on every fragrance and non-fragrance that baby lotion comes in but in the end…I wasn’t having any of them. I did pick up both Vitamin E lotion (St Ives) and “Vitamin E cream” from Walgreens.
The exact recipe I used called for: 2 (9 ounce) bottles of baby lotions, 2 (8 ounce) jars of vitamin E lotion or cream, 1 – 3.75 oz Vaseline petroleum jelly.
So you pour everything into a large bowl and mix with an electric mixer until smooth. Then you can attempt to put the ingredients back into bottles or containers of your choice.
As I said, I just couldn’t use the baby lotion in my personal recipe, so..thinking back to my young concoction making days, I decided to empty the ka-zillion lotions sitting all around the house in various states of un-use due to no longer being a fan of that particular cream, and I had enough to equate to 18 ounces of lotion (I used this in place of baby lotion). I turned that beater on and I created a magnificent textured moist batch of fluffy white heaven!

I SO wanted to lick the bowl but I figured it wouldn’t be worth it if I gagged every time I had a lick plus, they say eating soap or lotion can give a gal the runs. I can’t type reviews from the bathroom so I’m opting out of the taste temptations as dreamy as my lotion looks in that gleaming silver bowl!
However…after doing ALL that, and producing the resulting new lotion – if you are wondering would I ever go through all that trouble again? I think I would! Let me give a shout out right now to myself! My home-made lotion is WONDERFUL! I it has just a hint of a soft light barely there fragrance and…I slathered this made up skin cream all over me before attempting to write this review and I honestly think it’s keeping my skin really moist! I wouldn’t dream of trying to type with it on though, it does take a little time to sink in but boy – it hydrates big time!

I was able to fill lots of containers and there are all kinds of tips out there on how to fill bottles etc. with it – lots of people say it makes for great gifts and it’s your own little secret what is in it – you know? My hands definitely feel softer and the rest of me…very moist. I bet it will be great to put on before bed and wake up dreamy soft! I read that it’s fantastic for bringing life back to the heels of your hardened feet!

Well it’s time for the dish lady to go out into the severely debauched kitchen and start washing the 893 pans, bowls and dishes out there which were necessary to make my lasagna and lotion formulas! Clearly only a totally whacked person would have a vat of lotion sitting next to a vat of food in the kitchen. Maybe tomorrow for breakfast I can make my man a nice fluffy omlette in one pan and brew me up some home made wart remover in another! LOL!

Spill it! What other budding chemist/beauty moguls do we have concocting their own product!

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