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Sweetassgal is getting up on her soap box about something that I’m very passionate about…WATER!  Or to be more specific for this post…bottled water.  I’m going to let everyone in on a little secret.  Don’t laugh…I grew up in Weed, California.  YES Weed.  I went to Weed High, our main school color was in fact green and I was even Miss Weed (a dubious title to say the least…I needed the $ and the free stuff just to sound like I’m the Queen of the Doobie!).  So go ahead and make all of your jokes now because I’ve heard them all.  Smoke Weed, eat your Weed-ies, tumble Weed…yes our rivaling schools had a blast with our pot-smoking related moniker.  And NO…I don’t indulge so just because you grew up in Weed doesn’t mean you’re a stoner!

What growing up in Weed DOES make you is a water snob.  We have the BEST water there.  Right out of the tap.  Fresh, COLD and just all around fantastic to drink.  Any time I left Siskiyou County and had a sip of non-Weed water I would just about spit it out.  Nasty!  This lead me to the bottled water craze any time I left my beloved home town.  Still even THEN the bottled water was just NOT Weed water.  I could taste the plastic-ness of the water and was pretty sure there were other things in the water than just H2O.  I was right.

I quickly became a connoisseur of bottled water and learned some frightening facts.  Here they are…(another one of my lists…I know, I know…Virgo).

#1 – READ THE LABEL.  There is a HUGE difference among the bottled waters out there.  Should you imbibe you will want to chose a water like Crystal Geyser (ahem…bottled in Weed.  Check the side of the label if it’s the one with Mt. Shasta on it.  Right in my home town baby!) that is Natural Spring Water!  This is truly pure water that literally comes right out of the side of the mountain fresh and naturally pure.  I’ve drank directly from this spring and if you are ever in the area check out Mt. Shasta City park to try it yourself!

#2 – Know where your water comes from.  Bottlers like Dasani (Coca-Cola water) and Aquafina (Pepsi water) are literally just tap water.  In fact Dasani has a plant in Philly so you’re paying $1.50 for Philadelphia city water!  Verifiable fact!  If you are going to pay for water…it might as well be the best water.

#3 – Understand the difference.
  Most bottled waters are “purified” which basically means you’re getting L.A. water that has been filtered and added minerals put back in.  Natural Spring Water like Crystal Geyser are true spring waters that are water…the way nature intended!

#4 – Know the environmental impacts of your water.  86% of the 30 billion water bottles made annually end up in the garbage and it takes 17 million barrels of crude oil a year to make them!  These are crazy stats.  My suggestion…if you HAVE to have bottled water…go Crystal Geyser (or something comparable) and at least get good water.  Otherwise, purchase a good water bottle and just refill it with regular filtered water.  My fridge in Roseville filters my water and I just refill and save the $ and the environment.

#5 – Don’t get sucked in to the hype
!  Well marketed waters like Vitamin Water trick you into thinking you are getting all of these added benefits and it’s just like water.  Not true!  The sweeteners and coloring added gives you ADDED calories and artificial ingredients.  In fact some “good for you” waters with additives almost rival the calories in soda!  There are actually 13 grams of sugar in ONE serving of Vitamin Water…and if I’m correct there are at least 2.5 servings in one bottle which adds up to 32.5 grams of sugar!  Plain water is best.  If you’d like a little punch up try a squeeze of citrus or a splash of cranberry.

Water is one of our most basic elements of life.  It is a daily component of our very being and should be of the best quality you can find.  Treat your body and our planet with the respect it deserves…go Natural Spring Water when you can for bottled and if possible skip the disposable landfiller-upper and get yourself a good stainless steel container.  You’re body (and your skin) will thank you!

Miss Weed 1991 signing out and returning to Sweetassgal circa 2009.  Who’d of thunk being known as Sweetassgal would be LESS embarrassing than Miss Weed!  GLAM ON! 

What type of water do you drink? Do you have a specific brand or just whatever’s closest?

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