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If life is like a box of chocolates you can keep your Whitmans Sampler and hand me this box. PLEASE. Please hand me this box. I promise I wont leave a finger nail imprint in the bottom of the chocolate to see the flavor. I said I PROMISE!!!
Dianne Brill, THE MISS DIANE BRILL!! Hello people. APPLAUSE IS NEEDED!! Has taken pity on us mere mortals and packaged sexy, fun and fabulous in a box. I know this site is impartial but for crying out loud, have you seen this gloss’s packaging? Genius! The question is. Can the original IT GIRL MAKE YOU FEEL LIKE THE CURRENT ONE?!?!?
Here is what LADY DI’s Site Claims..”Slip it from the ruffled bon-bon paper and slick on the gloss that will never leave your side. Nurturing and glamorous, this gloss is a virtual lip treatment. Loaded with more than 20% vitamins, antioxidants, humectants, and a pouty plumper. All that, plus the three-way movement of the rich, brilliantly designed colors on your lips. Some of the flickery shades are made with tiny real sterling silver shimmeries to be worn over naked lips or mixed with every LIP LINGERIE Lipstick. The clear creamier shades add an exclamation mark to your lipstick wardrobe. Feel the luxury of lingerie for your lips”.
Did our testers feel the STERLING SILVER? Did they feel ready to party with Andy at The Factory?? LADIES PLEASE POST YOUR GREED IS GOOD REACTION!!

$ Lip Gloss by Diane Brill $

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