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The very sweet Heather sent us an assortment of bath gels and body lotions from Diana B. The gel I chose was the decadant Peach Frangipani. It lathered like no other, the scent is so gorgeous and luxurious, I only use it when going out or wanting to get lucky.

Neither happens lately so I just use it to indulge myself.

May I ask? What is up with that?

HOM attributes his lack of interest of sex because of pressure due to work. He also likes to remind me that we’ve been together for a decade so his jets have cooled. I have turned into an under-sexed house-wife checking out the neighbor’s pool-boy. I am two seconds away from Dateline’s To Catch A Predator (my favorite show). My non sex life was about to change! I used some Diana B Peach Frangipani in the shower, I took the extra 8 minutes and lathered the matching scented skin creme to my bod and climbed into bed, (I have to sleep naked. It’s a weird thing I have).

I fell asleep and woke up to an interested partner kissing my neck. It was no dream, it was HOM!

Here is what Diana B says about her body gel…Luxuriously scented DIANA B. foaming Bath Gel creates an extraordinary bathing experience. Use daily in shower or pour into running water for a perfect bath. DIANA B. Bath Gel tones, revitalizes and moisturizes dry, tired skin. Enriched with seaweed, chamomile and spirulina extracts, DIANA B. Bath Gels are the perfect accompaniment to DIANA B. Sugar Scrubs and DIANA B. Body Lotions. Used together they will help you achieve the skin you have always dreamed of. 6.7 oz.

Ladies this stuff helped me wake the dead (HOM) let us know what you got and what it did for you!

DianaB – Buy It Here!

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