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Diamancel Nail File

Diamancel Nail File

A big thank-you goes out to Stephanie at that send us the $28 Diamancel nail file with real DIAMOND chips in there!
Can you imagine? I am pretty fancy pants but I really am feeling like Kimora Lee with this snazzy item.

The previous, skinny, flimsy orange ones I had laying around have been trashed. Now, I am embarassed I owned such a pauper item.

Part of Dimancel’s genius is “DURABLE” and “WASHABLE” so it’ll last and not get nasty.

Is it worth $28 ? Does it work on real and “sculpted” nails? Is this a “must-have” item or are we just suckers for anything that has Diamond specks in it?

Ladies please post if your Diamancel Nail File made your hands look like a million bucks.

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