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Meg here! So my girlfriend Lauren is a genius screenwriter and a fantastic friend to yours truly. She has a whole theory, the smartest girls are the dumbest daters? Why? Well, you see we seem to not think the “rules” apply to us. When in fact, there’s just no getting around that the “rules” unfortunately pretty much always apply to everyone.

If I am a smart girl and am interested in someone then I will just tell them or actually be available and if they are busy maybe work around the schedule or whatever. This is the kiss of death. Apparently. The smart girl that is used to thinking and analyzing situations will also apply her grey matter to the subject of her interest. Never do this! I’m new at this and used to be quite good at it. Now I am older and wiser and DUMBER!!

I’m making mistakes left and right, the mistakes are usually made after mulling it around in my head. Atleast I now I’m not alone. Hey, don’t fault me. I didn’t come up with “Misery loves company.” This company is no small mom and pop business but a huge conglomerate of a corporation filled with women scratching their heads in confusion.

Here is the nuts and bolts theory of Lauren Iungerich’s the Dumb Girl; n. A women who is smart in her professional lfe For all of the successful businesses she runs to the fancy degrees she earns, a “dumb girl” is the first to make excuses for a cheating lover, the first to rationalize the late night booty call and the first to tell you that she doesn’t need to read “He’s Just Not Into You” -because it doesn’t apply to her. A “dumb girl” over-analyzes and underestimates the creature she thinks she’s superior to: Man.

How genius is Lauren? I am lucky to have such dumb girls as friends.

Lauren took it a step further though, because she is in “The Biz” she made clips outlying the different “Dumb Girls” scenario and for your veiwing amusement I have added the link here.

So, I’m learning-wait! Shit, that’s the problem! I’m unlearning and dumbing myself down every minute here.

Any other dumbasses willing to come forward or are you hangin’ me out to dry here?


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