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Hello dearies, this is Eleni here on Meg’s request. So, Megan asked me to write a post on how Greek women take care of themselves compared to how American women do. I tried to resist and told her that I don’t want to become “that person”. I don’t want to be the one that publicly talks about racial differences, even if it’s just about beauty. In person I can make fun of her pink eye shadow and she can make fun of my facial hair. But in public? Then I thought that maybe we really are on to something here. Maybe women really do have a completely different approach on how to take care of themselves based on what their ethnicity is.

To answer Megan’s question, here is a quick list of the things women in Greece do different:

– We are far more obsessed with waxing, shaving, anything that can help us get rid of any unwanted hair. It makes sense. We are far more hairy than the average American, so in our minds beauty equals being hairless. You can easily spot an American girl with a mini skirt and legs that haven’t been shaved for a couple of days, but a Greek girl will not even dare to step out of her home without a proper shave.

– We are not very daring with colorful eye shadows. We are darker, with stronger features, so pink and yellow and pigeon blue are not our thing? We’d look like an Egyptian painting. You have to be very skilled to apply intense colors on a strong featured face without making it look like a cartoon.

– I’ve observed that Greek and European women are far more interested in perfumes. I don’t know what the stats say on that. My non-European friends don’t wear a perfume daily. I have a serious perfume collection and depending on my mood, every morning I pick a different one.

– In Greece, highlights that give your hair the “stripes effect” are considered extremely tacky. In Los Angeles they almost are a status symbol.

– Women don’t really use hairspray or hair gels anymore in Greece. They still use a lot of hairspray over here.

– We’re not really into teeth whitening, because it makes your teeth weaker and more sensitive. We brush them and floss, that should be enough.

– Greek women take a shower after their bubble baths. And although I’ve never really bathed with another woman in my life, I’ve seen American movies where they put their robe on while still having foam on their skin. Are the movies accurate? Do you really do that girls? DO YOU?

Tell us your opinion. Do you have any horror stories from your college years with that girl from that weird State where they “do” things different?

Do you hate your European/American/Asian friends for their beauty habits?

Are your Brazilian girlfriends all about body oils?

Have you had any girl fights on where the bikini line ends?

Please share!

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