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Meg here! Last night I attended the Crest 3D Whitening Breakthrough Awards.
The absolute funniest celeb of the night was when Modern Family’s Julie Bowen took a look at the red carpet and said “This red carpet is full of Ethiopian children!” If you listen closely you can hear her say it! I caught it on camera. It was easy to feel that way when the young starlets bounded down the carpet and their Herve’ Leger looked baggy! That’s another funny bit. When I ask them “who they’re wearing?” and they say “sounds like Heath Ledger.” That’s when I jump in with the Herve Leger for them. I mean Jeez girls! They look absolutely shocked that I knew the name. Hello! I had him on as well. Kiss

It was a fun night but my tootsies were hurting so badly I didn’t make it all night. The next time I will eat before I go (the bloat! The fear!) By 8:30pm I was starving and ready to slip on my Uggs.

I hope you like my little movie above. You know my Chanel bag obsesssion, I carried one that is such a teeny evening purse it only had room for one lipstick. My dress was hot pink and my lipstick matched it perfectly! Three Custom Color Lipstick in (what else?) Limelight . If you only have room for one tube you will not be disappointed with this line! My pink stayed hot without any time to re-apply!

The stand out and most fun part of my look? It got a few tweets about it and several comments. Want to stand-out (even when Sophia Vergara is present?) I am with Chelsea Lately’s Heather McDonald when she swears by her lashes! False eyelashes make an Oomph no matter how long yours are naturally. If you want A LOT OF DRAMA (like little o’ me.) Look no further then Urban Decays New Lash Line. I went with “LURE” I am so glad I went for it! I got so many celebs asking Me “OMG, who did those lashes! Look amazing!” Thanks Tammy!

Now I’m asking you! Pretend there’s a nasally voiced, annoyingly in-your-face woman saying AHmAEzing!!

What makeup item would you bring with you if there is only space for 1 out for a hot night?! And of course- WHO ARE YOU WEARING!?! The best answer gets sent 3 different pairs of lashes from Urban Decays new line!

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