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Meg here! Lets talk men and products! I don’t want to “talk men” I find most of them quite boring and would rather sit with my girlfriends and discuss most anyhing but. I’m not a male basher or anything, I just think when we start to analyze them we’re just giving them too much credit. When one of my girlfriends will put me on the task to “Find out where he thought it was going after they kissed” I will dutifully place the friend call. My guy friends answer is usually on the lines of “Oh, I don’t know I haven’t really thought about it. Hey, what’s going on tonight? Want to go eat in a few?” So whatever. I mean studies have all shown women do not wear makeup and dress cute to impress men, most often it is done to look good in front of the harshest critic…Other women.

Men do not seem to spend time writing script about women in their head. There are now some thoughts that used to be “female issues” that occupy their brain.

“Meg, what products do you think I should be using?” Yup, that zinger comes up more then you’d think. Guys tend to ask me that as much as if I have any single friends they could date.

I know when HOM and I were living together I started to slowly notice it. In the shower, I would reach for my Suki face scrub and notice a lot of it missing. Then my Kiehls lip balm was gone, soon my Stephen Knoll hydrating mist spray ended up in his toiletry bag. These things weren’t going away on their own. My very non-metro husband was starting to turn…Into a product whore.

Cosmetic companies are starting to realize it as well, men’s lines are starting to crop up everywhere. I knew some crazy stuff was going on when two of my guy pals were talking…About eyecream.

I’m just wondering if this is something you’ve been noticing too? Is your moisturizer bottle a bit lighter then you remember leaving it in the morning? On the Holiday wish list are Jack Black products next to the golf driver?

Should we help them? Twice a month or so should we do a round-up of the best male products?

Do you share your stuff? Does your guy get the “male version” I am going to send your responses to my guy friends that ask me what works best for men. It’s not something I know a ton about, being a female and all. It’s hard enough for me to keep track of what works best on the ladies!

Ladies, please post and help mankind know what floats your guys boat! Besides beer, the game and oh yeah, you!!

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