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Kate2004rock our resident Sephora insider runs the show here on Saturday. She needed a group counsel! Let’s help her out!

After complaining last week about my “Water Water Everywhere” existential crisis (Note: I have amassed these hundreds of products and have nowhere to store them and can’t seem to use any up), I decided to do a little experiment this week. I wanted to know which products I really couldn’t live without. So I didn’t change a thing. I used whatever products I “felt like” that day hopping from brand to brand, formula to formula, color to color. All week. Right now you’re thinking, Katie: that’s completely pointless. The first step is admitting you have a problem. You’ve done that. Step two: Alter the behavior. HELLO! Ok, well I wrote down exactly which products I used every day, a product diary, if you will. I started with morning cleanser to final eye cream and lip balm at night. Here’s the results:

I use all these products equally. Often two different brands/formulas of the same thing – for different reasons. Example: I’m going back and forth between LORAC’s AquaPrime and the Laura Mercier foundation primer. I use the LM when I want the makeup to really stay put. I use the LORAC when I’m just going to class and not needing so much performance. And I just like the Laura Mercier better so I’m trying to use up the LORAC.

I’m also trying to use up my Fresh Umbrian Clay face lotion. But I’ve been breaking out and so I sort of switched to Caudalie some days too so it would soothe my skin. Again – I’m just digging myself further into this hole. And don’t even get me started on mascara. I’ve been using Sephora Brand lash plumper for everyday wear. Except when its buried at the bottom of my colors-du-jour basket and I could get to the DiorShow unlimited faster. But then I used DiorShow blackout for going to the bar last night. And this morning I used Givenchy EyeFly because it was on top from last night. SICK.

However, there were the products that I do use every day, without fail: UD Primer Potion, Bourjois Colored Brow Gel, TheBalm Time Balm Concealer, Caudalie Lip Balm. Yeah, that’s about it. Ok, so here is the excuse that I’ve justified by myself. Those products I just mentioned are my “lingerie.” Except for maybe some of you more “earthy” girls out there reading this, we all wear a bra and panties every day. But we change the clothes around them. Some days I wear running shorts and a t-shirt. Today Jeans, a sweater, and cowboy boots. It changes – so therefore there’s no reason that my “makeup clothes” shouldn’t change around my cosmetic lingerie? Right?

Well I want to know what you all think. Am I completely delusional? Is there method to my madness? Do I really need a slap in the face, a basket, and some serious effort to put away all but one of everything and use it up? Do you have makeup lingerie? What is it? Enable me please!

Any insight to Kate’s issue?


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