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cold creamSweetassgal here thinking today about epiphanies. You know what I mean… those bright little “aha” moments when you realize something quite profound or even terribly minuscule has shifted in our life and no matter how small or large it may be the effects are palpable. I had one such epiphany this past week as I was inching my way along I-80 towards work in rush hour traffic. Thanks to the close proximity of my past two jobs I have managed to avoid the traffic snarl of the freeway for about 8 years now. Just a few weeks in to my new job I remembered why I quit working in the downtown area in the first place. I HATE the way people drive in traffic.

There are your typical a-hole-ish offenders of course. The single car passengers who zip by in the carpool lane, the person who insists upon weaving in and out of lanes only to end up right alongside you, and the Neanderthal that screams at traffic as if it’s magically going to divide the road like the Red Sea. These guys I can somewhat take because traffic Karma always catches up to them. But there is ONE driver that just sends me over the edge due to their complete lack of urgency and inattentiveness at a time when both should be at their peak. These are the people who insist upon leaving umpteen car lengths between them and the car ahead so we can actually back traffic up all the way to Reno, the ones who use the time to eat their breakfast and catch up on their texting or even WORSE… the person that drives for miles with their turn signal on never letting you know for sure if they are going to jump ahead of you at the last second or just gradually hypnotize you with that little yellow blink, blink, blink. DON’T they SEE that obnoxious light flashing and beeping at them on their dashboard?  Insert epiphany here… NO… they don’t.

Yes folks. This past week I have realized I, Sweetassgal, am a person who goes down the freeway of life with her blinker on. Oh, the shame of it all. More and more lately I catch myself in a traffic induced haze, spurred on by long hours at work and too much yard work which leaves me dull, unresponsive and very open to the tranquil lulling of my soft blinker sound. My car is relatively new to me and one of the first things I noticed is how Zen like the blinker sound is. My old one used to go “tick tick, tick tick” like a loud time bomb.  This one emits a soft “bong bong, bong bong” that I find utterly soothing. As a result of this I could go miles with it on and have no idea I’m completely tormenting every driver who has the misfortune to be stuck behind me.

So what’s next? I’m officially old enough to drive like a senile woman and I have no patience for fighting traffic (be it on the road or inside a store) but I still have all the yearnings of my twenty-something old body who had no idea how to drive in city traffic but was more than willing to endure it to get to the mall. Anymore… not so much! So I guess it’s time to embrace a few things. A little of the old school while still maintaining the vitality of the new is in order. In the beauty realm there is nothing that is more old school (and still around for a reason) than cold cream. That soft smelling little pot of white whipped creaminess that every Grandmother had in her medicine chest. Used to remove eye makeup, moisturize the skin, relieve dry patches on elbows and heels, and occasionally work as an all over moisture mask to be slept with on overnight accompanied by a head full of wrapped toilet paper to protect the OH SO precious beehive hair-do! Yes, I can still close my eyes and see Grandma heading off to bed looking like she got into a fight with a tub of whip cream and some Charmin.

I must admit I do keep a jar of cold cream in my arsenal for occasional use. It’s insanely cheap, lasts forever and is the only thing that ever gets off all of my Halloween makeup, but it has one MAJOR flaw. Store bought cold cream is made predominantly of mineral oil. Biologically the molecules of mineral oil are too large to absorb into our skin and as such create a barrier that just sits on top of your pores not allowing them to breathe. Our skin is our largest organ.  Do we really want to slather it with suffocating oil? I think not.

Green Chi Tuesday’s to the rescue with a SUPER easy and WAY cheap alternative to store bought cold cream. A DIY cold cream recipe with materials that you can do at home for just pocket change. Olive Oil, beeswax, distilled water, borax (acts as antiseptic and works with the wax to create the white fluff) and a few drops of your favorite essential oil is all you need.

Ingredients –

·  1 ounce grated beeswax or beeswax pellets (Please do not use if you are allergic to beeswax)

·  6 tablespoons olive oil

·  4 tablespoons distilled water

·  1 teaspoon borax (available in the laundry aisle)

·  2-3 drops of your preferred essential oil


In a clean glass dish in a microwave, combine beeswax and olive oil. Gently heat and stir until melted and well blended.

In another bowl dissolve borax in the distilled water and heat it gently — do not boil.

Remove both dishes from heat and stirring constantly, slowly drizzle the distilled water and borax solution into your wax and oil solution. When fully combined, begin to beat vigorously until it has cooled.

Add essential oil drops and continue to beat until cream is light and airy, with a bright white sheen. Refrigerate and store in a clean glass jar.

The borax is a simple preservative, but your cream will keep best in the refrigerator for approximately 3-6 weeks.

Looking at other recipes also available on the internet there are honey infused cold creams, jojoba and glycerin and a myriad of others to satisfy your particular skin care needs. Sometimes the old school ways, with a little modern tweaking are just the ticket to get us over the “no longer a girl but still a girl at heart” epiphanies of your life. If we can find a balance between what worked for Gran and what’s new and “green” for today then maybe we can all find a way to coexist in this crazy world.

So next time you get stuck behind the old lady with her blinker on… give her a little love instead of a hand gesture. That could be you some day! GLAM ON!

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