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CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

CleanWell All-Natural Hand Sanitizer

Clean WellBabyLove here!  Thanks to everyone who contributed their personal  
products for dark circles.  I really appreciate it, and will be  
looking into getting some for review.

There’s nothing worse than having sick kids.  The winter months are  
especially difficult since William picks up a virus at school, passes  
it on to Calum, and then to me, but of course never my husband. I’m  
really happy to be able to review a product that helps me cut down  
these episodes.  I can’t prevent every illness lurking around the  
corner, but I can try.

I’m sort of a hand sanitizer junkie.  I’m the woman in the Target  
parking lot with the enormous bottle of Prell.  I clean every inch of  
those carts, except I do it with one of Calum’s socks that he pulled  
off instead of a napkin.  I’m not perfect, organized, or prepared so a  
random sock will just have to do.  In fact, just the other day I ran  
out of diapers and put two maxi pads together in William’s Lightening  
McQueen undies for naptime.  For the record, his “special big boy  
diaper” worked wonders.

Since I’m like a hand sanitizer connoisseur,  I know exactly what I’m  
looking for when it comes to one that I want to use, and buy again.   
In CleanWell, I have found just that.  Let me tell you a few of the  
reasons why I love CleanWell so much.  First off, the sanitizer comes  
in a spray, and not a gel.  I like the spray so much better than the  
gel because both my boys like to get a squirt of the gel, and watch it  
slowly slip down their hands, onto the car seat, their clothes, or  
whatever else, and evaporate.  With the spray, I know I get a good,  
clean shot.  Secondly, I am not a fan of sanitizers that claim to  
“moisturize.”  These always leave me feeling like I need to wash my  
hands, and sanitizing is usually necessary when you can’t exactly get  
to the sink.  CleanWell leaves my hands feeling clean, and not greasy  
or slimey.  Lastly, CleanWell Ingenium smells awesome.  I would  
actually consider wearing it as a perfume.  It smells like every  
citrus fruit out there (I cannot name all citrus fruits, I’m sorry),  
but it’s not one bit overwhelming or sharp smelling.

CleanWell was specifically developed for a child with an immune  
disorder.  His father and grandmother researched ways to make products  
that would still effectively clean, but did not contain toxins.  They  
did just that, and have a full line of hand sanitizer and soaps.   
Their products contain no alcohol, are cruelty free, and use plant  
oils to kill 99.99% of germs.  99.99% of GERMS with plant oils!?  Boy,  
are they making it easy for us or what?!

I promise, that if hand sanitizers are your thing (in my experience,  
you’re either someone who carries it, or doesn’t) then CleanWell  
should definitely be on your list.  They have a number of different  
scents to try, which I did, and love just about everyone.  This is a  
good, safe product for everyone.  Make cold and flu season a bit  
easier on yourselves this year, CleanWell, live well.

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