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Classified Cosmetics ERA PRIMER

Classified Cosmetics ERA PRIMER

ERA PRIMER in aerosal form? I am not equipped to write for this site. I am clearly behind the times. When Smashbox sent us their primer I thought it was some sort of new revolution taking place. Primer? Wow! A product that fills in your lines and creases before you apply your foundation so the foundation does not run into your own private Grand Canyon(s). Spackle for your face if you will…I clearly need to get out more. There is Primer to the left of you, Primer to the right and here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

I have to admit, I have been trying to become more hip (maybe referring to early 70’s songs does not help this). I have done Primer research. I have yet to come upon a primer that is in spray form. Looks like Classified has revolutionized that. A primer is suppose to not only act as a spackle but also a glue. It is suppose to make your foundation, lipstick and mascara adhere. Classified has on its Primer bottle that you can spray it on your face, eyelashes and mouth. Make-Up in order of dissappearing act. 1 Foundation. 2 Lipstick. 3 Mascara.

Does this defy make-up’s invisible act? Can an aerosal primer lock in the basics? Are we all just dust in the wind? Ladies Please Post if you experienced an ever-lasting gobstopper for your face?

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