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Some people go their whole life with the basics. Basic job, basic kids, basic marriage and basic, make-up. Basic make-up being blush, eyeshadow, mascara and lipstick. I don’t know about you, but basic makes me yawn. Yes, it may be safe. It maybe expected. It is, most definiteley, basically boring. We only have one life so why not shake it up a bit? Why not do something spontaneous, exciting, unsafe and different. How many points do we accrue at the end of the game if we do everything “expected”? What kind of History book is that going to get us in? Gwen Stefani’s make-up artist has said that Gwen’s “sparkle” and look is done with Classified Cosmetics ERA Glaze in 24 carat gold. It adds, in a vitamin enriched spray, an added “oomp” and “spunk” to her already firecracker ways. It just takes holding the bottle 8″ away from your face. Spraying one shot in a “Z” pattern and blotting it in.
Instant fairy dust. Gwen insists on it. Gwen is not “basic” or “boring”. I may just have to give myself a spray! Our tester’s received 2 different sprays-24 carat and platinum. They were split evenly and distributed diplomatically. What does the Classified Cosmetics site claim…”Platinum : Introducing ERA GLAZE, the first and only, patented aerosol shimmer to embody subtle day-to-night glamour in a shimmering mist thats flawlessly lightweight and oil-free. ERA GLAZE spray on shimmers have the same vitamin and botanical base as ERA FACE spray on foundation, so you mist your skin with beneficial ingredients that stay fresh for each application. Below is a brief description of each ERA GLAZE shade. 24-Karat: a richly decaden, golden sheen to warm and highlight skin Platinum: a sumptuous, prismatic sheen that illuminates skin’.
Does this make you want to Hollaback girls? Is this bananas? B-A-N-A-N-A-S?

$ Classified Cosmetics ERA FACE Spray On Foundation $

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