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Goddess Granny here! We all have our own personal and ever so frustrating beauty-related “issue” that drives each of us up a wall: I’ve yet to meet of or hear of a female (or anyone from that matter!) that no matter how much they have going for them, how much they have access to, or how much they can spend in both time and money that isn’t just miserable about that “one lil’ annoying ‘thang” on a regular basis.

Mine is gaposis…no,it’s nothing you can coverup with a breath mint,it’s the simple fact that I’m basically built like a Barbie on steroids and my body is a nightmare when it comes to fitting clothing properly. I go from a “classy Mimi of 4” to downright “sleazy” in a matter of seconds if I dare to wear a fitted blouse or God forbid, an animal print, LOL! (and I do love them!)

I can rarely button anything in front as it’s intended!

I think there’s nothing cuter and universally appropriate in most settings than the right jeans and a crisp white shirt, however if you have to resort to trying to safety pin the gaps in the middle of the shirt so that you aren’t presenting TMI in public then you tend to go for a knit pullover…sighing here.

We’ve already had two earlier reviews on what I’m going to call the

“Trinity of Genius”

products from Shopgogirl,the lint removing sheets and the red sponge of awesomeness but my personal savior among their goodies is their “CHIC” double sided adhesive tape!

Packaged in a darling little white tin with a flip-top (as I’ve previously noted,I am a sucker for a great presentation)these pre-cut pieces of modesty-saving tape are just the right size and width to hold even the most wayward of shirt-fronts in place,tame a wild-ass bra strap,or simply allow someone such as myself who has to plan “which” bra to wear under everything to actually wear some of those cutaway shoulder tops and spaghetti strapped confections without having chunks of functional lingerie sticking out everywhere!

You simply peel away the coating from one side of the tape, apply where needed,then peel the other side and stick on whatever to close that gap! I have tried some other brands in the past but honestly, some were way too wide, too thick, too sticky, not sticky enough and I find these are just perfect for the task at hand! They hold tight and the adhesive comes away cleanly everytime…you can use them on fabric or skin with the same great results!

The company motto is: “For the Diva in all of us…” which I LOVE but even if I’m notting feelin’ the Diva on that day, I find this product and everything I have tried from them to be well designed, practical and effective,and just as cute as can be!I love when things work as you’d expect and personally I feel that this company delivers in their product line! Great ideas that everyone can use, wonderful presentation and packaging, a user-friendly site that sticks to the facts, (which I appreciate!) and absolutely non-Diva pricing!

I don’t know of anyone who wouldn’t love to be gifted with something from them,I think it’s the perfect “one size really DOES fit all” gift that will really be appreciated and actually used!

“CHIC” solves a HUGE problem for me and I’m hoping they offer a lil’ something that will lessen your frustration as well! What do you ladies think of Chic? Enter Code MEG for 10% OFF anything on the site!

Buy your “CHIC” here: Shopgogirl









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