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Rome was not built in a day! O.k. well, I am so honored that no matter where I am someone will have a cocktail with me!! National Buzz Access with beauty hipsters! Woohoo! The idea about having where you live in your profile is going to happen ASAP! How am I suppose to get my drink on with you if I don’t know where you live?

We introduced a social networking tool that teased people with the chance to talk to their new friends and then didn’t finish it. Smart. Build it and they will come. O.K. I heard that. I’m working out the bugs now, but you can leave messages on your friends home page. Go ahead! Contact them! They think you’re fabulous and enjoy your product thoughts so go brain pick with them. We’re still figuring it out so if you run into any snafu’s please let me know.

Drugstore Deals? Not just men love the Double D’s! Thursdays, our resident celebrity make-up artist Rachael Robbins a.k.a Beautyzilla is going to be bringing you the best products found at your local drugstore. She knows her stuff better then anyone so if she says it’s great then run to Walgreens! She’s definitely at the top of her game on finding you amazing product at steal prices!

I know we need to review some more mainstream companies (hi, if you work for a mainstream cosmetic company then please get in touch with me)! I’ve been trying to get the big fish it’s not as easy as it looks:)

Meg’s Makeup get togethers? Yup, I hear that! How fun would that be? Check.

More posts? Sure. Organic Products? Yes! Easier Search Tools? Alright! Sending everyone that reviews a new car? Working on it…

Honestly, what makes the site so great is how awesome you readers that participate are. Your ideas are so top notch and you gave them to me! Thank-you so much! You ladies are the most fabulous part of our big dysfunctional family. I laugh out loud all the time reading what you beauty nuts have to say!

A new beauty review is going up on Tuesday but I wanted to let you all know how much we value you. We are really going to make this site the best we possibly can so keep the ideas coming. Forward this post onto 4 of your local friends and tell them to sign up. Then make a wish. Then in 3 days it will come true. Do not break the chain. Fine, I’m completely full of it. However, the more traffic we get over here, the more pull we’ll have at getting more product to review . Most importantly, I will become drunk with power (you know, instead of the excessive wine)..

Thanks so much again! You inspire us to get our stuff together! I feel like Sally Field on Oscar Night”…I can’t deny the fact that you like me, right now, you like me!”

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