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Catherine Hickland is the brain behind Cat Cosmetics. Catherine Hickland is smart, beautiful and compassionate. Cat’s website’s motto is “You are beautiful and you are loved”!! She has personal affirmations that reach out to you and bring you up-up-up!! Not only is Cat a very succesful actress, she is, most importantly, a very succesful person. Animals are a VERY important part of the Meg’s Make-Up tester’s life. They are also a very important factor in Cat’s life as well! Catherine has not only devoted her life to beauty on the outside but the beauty in the knowing you have helped save a life. Much of the Cat Cosmetics profits are sent to Animal Haven. Animal Haven is a no-kill shelter for abused and unwanted pets in N.Y.C.
When Meg sent Cat an email requesting a product she sent us the AMAZING OPEN SESAMEOW
The brush-set Cat sent us seems like Purr-purrfection, is it? Here is the great Meow from her site..”Our Open Sesameow Brush Set fans out elegantly to reveal the ultimate portable arsenal for applying all your products flawlessly. With NINE high-quality brushes conveniently arranged in a 3″ X 5″ X 1″ case, we guarantee it will fulfill the dreams of your inner makeup artist”.Is Open Sesameow the answer to your 9th live?
Ladies please scratch the post and post your findings!!

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