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Cat Cosmetics Eye Smolder!!

Cat Cosmetics Eye Smolder!!

A smokey eye can go oh so wrong. Smokey with the wrong shades of purple can turn into “abused wife”. Smokey with too many black shades turns into “Marilyn Manson Groupie Tour Bus Goth Devotee”. There is a fine line between “smokey” and “messy”. The usual culprit? The eye-lid shade. That shade HAS to be the perfect compliment to your smoke or else you just look burnt out. Catherine Hickland came up with a tool to help you get your smokey eye just right. An eye tool she calls “SMOLDER” the lid base is built right in as to compliment the eyeliner.This handy tool multi-functions so you can just drop it in your purse and refresh as the night calls for it. She seems to think the perfect “smolder” is a copper brown that blends over the lid with a deep black to outline it. The kicker? Cat claims this product will not run. SO SO SO Many times I have left my bathroom mirror looking FINE to see (after the first seal break-The Ultimate First Pee at an event) black smudges down into my eye-bags. Black eye-liner eye-boogies in the corner of my eye. Not sexy. Not At All. Definitely not the look I was going for. Does this smolder teach you how to perfect the ever-lasting smokey eye? Are you sultry, mysterious, hot and eye-boogie free? Because, really, that is the question. Ladies please post if you are Jessica Simpson or Kelly Osbourne after using this product!

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