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Cat Cosmetics Buck Naked

Cat Cosmetics Buck Naked

Buck Naked. Now we are paying to have a look that we are suppose to have for free. What is up with that? Buck Naked is a nude/pink look that we are all suppose to posses. I don’t have it. Why is my DNA inferior? Why can’t I have this luscious-but-not-trying-to-be-it’s-just-my-natural-color-don’t-hate-me-look? Why am I shelling out bucks to be BUCK NAKED!! Those are fighting words! I’m steamed up. This maybe due to the fact that I am in what is now referred to as P.M.S. P.M.S That’s natural, right? Why can’t it stand for Pouty Mouth Sexual or Pouty Mouth Sensual? Who has this shade naturally, this BUCK NAKED SHADE!! I am really irritable right now! My lower back hurts, my jeans don’t fit, I have “blemishes”. I swear TO GOD if one of you reviewers write in that this lipliner went useless because you already have a beautiful pink/nude pout I WILL KILL YOU!!! I will take my bloated, back-achey self to your house and destroy you. How dare you make fun of me? You never liked me, did you? You always think I look fat and I can’t stand it anymore. I am really going off to cry as soon as I finish this stupid post. Now I have to be NICE because Cat Hickland is soo NICE. SERIOUSLY, SHE IS SOOO NICE! She is beautiful, she is compassionate, she has a job, ON T.V. NO LESS! Damn it all, can’t she send us a bum product? NOOOO OFCOURSE NOT!! THAT would be WROONG!! Forget it. All of you can read Make-Up reviews on those other stupid sites. I’m going to eat some great chocolate and eat Funnyan’s with a side of Wasabi. I have to write that Cat is a very kind person that will forgive my P.M.S. rant. I hope all of you will forgive me too. Please post if Cat’s Buck Naked left you feeling free and beautiful (BLLAH-free and beautiful to me right now means a lipo-machine with a salt I.V.-Sorry-I tried). Cat is so nice that she’s even offering all MegsMakeup users a special discount on your next purchase.

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