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Cat Cosmetics “Bad Cat”

Cat Cosmetics “Bad Cat”

Cat Hickland is the best woman alive. I’ve met her, I’ve seen her work and she saves hopeless animals on the side. Yes, she rules the roost on perfect. On the by and by have you seen her? Yup, she is perfect looking too!

So, I’m out at Dan Tana’s having dinner with The Cat Hickland (Yeah, O.K. Hate me, but I roll like that). We start discussing life, love and business. At one point Cat fesses up that she had a tough time with her biz. “I thought about ending it all,” Cat says. “Then I thought, whose make-up could I ever wear if I weren’t making it”.

I was so happy she said she would not stop. Her creations are legendary in concept, color and design. When I requested “Bad Cat” lipstick I did so from the practicality of the color combo, the brilliance of the package with mirror and the style of the gold with a diamonte.

Here’s how Cat describes her lipstick..”Kitten Impossible Bad Cat on one side is a pale pink with a light coral undertone; the other side is an antique pearl with a pale cafe au lait undertone. When mixed you get a pearly nude”.
She really has it all, please post if this lipstick leaves you purr-ing for more!

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Cat Cosmetics “Bad Cat”

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