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Katie here, I’m in a style rut these days. I really hope I’m not the only person that ever gets in these potholes. I feel like I wear the same two pairs of jeans and the same three shirts day after day after day. I just want to look fabulous! I’ve actually been considering nominating myself for Tim Gunn’s Guide to style. I think I would be a great candidate: attractive graduate student (which automatically equals NO MONEY) who can’t get her hair out of a ponytail and needs a professional wardrobe for the gleaming career which seems just teasingly out of reach for the capabilities of the current content’s of her closet. I mean…I have a FEW of the basics he requires…I have one great, very classic and modern LBD. I have a pair of classic dress pants and a good blazer and a couple great pairs of jeans. But gosh I need some pizazz!

Luckily, I would like to say that I do not consider myself challenged in the cosmetic/product department. I have a zillion eye shadows, half as many glosses, a score of mascaras. But the the thing I am envying for–to make my “this season” makeup wardrobe complete is the Cargo Holiday Nights collection. It comes with full size shadows – a shimmery white, a silver, an irridescent charcoal and a sparkly navy. A fresh pink blush a silver eyeliner and some face & body shimmer (whatever that is). The outside of the box is covered with a really cute Pucci-esque print. You can even pull the insert that containts the product and use the box as a cute structured clutch! See now that’s some bang for your oh-so-affordable $25.

Just add your own gloss and mascara and get ready for some holiday cheer!

Any other Cargo fans out there?

Buy it here!

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