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cap1Meg here! We all have idols and I would like to share how I looked like an idiot in front of mine. She may not know. But my guess is she does, regardless, I still look dumb. Rule #1 don’t ask out a boyfriend of someone you will never compare to even though you didn’t even know they were dating until you checked Facebook. Guilty as charged. I didn’t know and he responded he wasn’t interested so no harm no foul?

Caprice Crane makes me laugh. She makes me belly laugh. Inappropriately laugh. She makes me laugh and then think “God, I had that somewhere in me? How does she always beat me to the punch and get me to the laughter tears before I even had the second to get there?” Bitch.

One day I’m going to get her to sit down and tell us how she was able to write fabulous books “stupid and contageous”
and “family affair”

The worst part is she’s not even Natalie from Facts Of Life! Can you believe it? God Cursed us blessed us with a raven haired knock-out with a body for sin and a gift for genius gab! Some bitches have all the luck!

Caprice Crane was nominated for a Shorty Award. I wrote that with the hyper-link because if you have a twitter account and a vagina you need to vote for her.

She’s who I wish I could be on 15 vodka tonic’s never mind sober. She calls shit out as it is and makes you cheer her on for doing it. I don’t notice these things but yeah, her makeup looks perfect the entire time and all I can do is wish she falls on her perfect face have her change the entire women movement.

We all have idols and I’m not ashamed to say my idol is Miss Caprice Crane! Check her out! Just don’t mistakenly ask out her former boyfriend-he’ll probably say no anyway!

In one month we are having FAMILY AFFAIR as our first official book to discuss so please get it so you can be part of the salon!

Who have you idolized? It’s so not fair!? Give it up! I just gave you my girl-crush! Play nice!

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