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dolphinMeg here and I feel sick. Look, don’t get all on my ass for not being a vegetarian. I tried it for 3 years and my anemia kicked in and I looked and felt awful. I’m not blasting meat eater’s. I used to run an event planning business that catered to a ton of A-List celebs. Before I would even do a party for them I would force them to write a hefty check to the local dog rescue organizations. I LOVE ANIMALS. Every time I come home my dogs greet me like I’m a Beatle. Animals are wonderful and we all live on this planet but I do understand human need. If I were next to a starving person that was going to die I would humanely kill my dog so the human could live. Knowing my dogs the way I do, I believe they would support this act. Knowing me the way I do I would say “No let spanky live! I cannot live a full life ending his!”
dolphinmurderI know we have a lot of international readers and I know we have a lot of high-powered readers married to politicians and billionaires (I didn’t call anyone out! Just saying please forward!) I think they will if enough of us show outrage over this torture. Knowing that you have a soul I expect you all to express your disgust over this horrifying practice!!

This is not a hoax or a joke (don’t you wish it were) but show humanity at its lowest form. Please take the word “human” out of Humanity when referring to pure evil.

To proclaim and celebrate the maturity of being a “man” there is a celebration of torturing and killing Calderon dolphins. Why this is an accomplishment is astounding to me. Killing a newborn or a puppy requires the same amount of skill. The Calderon dolphin LOVES (that kindness and gentle soul is its downfall) people. It is an intelligent, fun harmless and loving being that enjoys coinciding with people.
The people of Denmark come and support the brutal killing of these intelligent and kind beings that think they are being treated kindly. These dolphins are subjected to being brutally murdered and their killers are cheered on as they slash these incredible beings savagely.

Thick hooks are slashed into them numerous times until the dolphins let out a painful cry. They say the cry is similar to that of a newborn child and that the look of the animal is just “WHY?”

WHY!?! Beauty is kindness, Beauty is strength, Beauty is being a voice to those that do not possess one. You have the beauty. You were blessed with a right and wrong and a moral compass. This is wrong.

These creatures have trusted us with love and we killed them cruelly for fun?

If these Danish men want to declare that they are mature then how about they get jobs. How about they are kind and fair and don’t slaughter brutally the weak and the trusting? How about being not a man but be HUMAN?

EVIL PREVAILS WHEN GOOD WOMAN FAIL TO REACT. We need to react. Slaughtering intelligent kind beings for fun is wrong on every level!

Please let Denmark know we are disgusted! Please forward to all of your friends!

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