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Happy New Year!! I hope 2008 brings us lots of beauty and glamour and reasons to get beautified and glamorous!! And speaking of getting beautified and glamorous (cuz that’s what we do here at MM), I want to talk about scents. I don’t know about you all, but if I don’t finish my getting ready session with an application of perfume, I don’t feel “done”! And my perfume taste changes with the seasons. As you’ve probably heard me say a MILLION times: I’m super picky about my scents! All kind of scents: perfumes, creams, body lotions, laundry detergent, hand soap, EVERYTHING you name it! I am a HUGE fan of Jo Malone, I have about 8 of her scents, but I use a certain one at different times of the year. Orange Blossom is a staple, but whether that gets blended with Gardenia or Pomegranate Noir depends on well… the weather! I also love Javago 24k. I discovered this when I worked with Jamie Lynn Sigler from the Sopranos. She smelled divine and I asked her what she was wearing. She told me she had been wearing this particular scent since high school! It’s yummy, and very classic, but meant for certain occasions. Occassions that I would wear a mink coat to (if I had a mink coat) but you get where I’m going with that. I also LOVE Kai oil. At $40 a pop for a vile not much bigger then a perfume sample, this stuff better be good, and it really is! It’s a pure oil that smells just like Hawaii. It smells different on everyone because it blends with each person’s individual oils in their skin. So, like Jo Malone, you get a very personalized scent.

So, the theme of my scent-sational perfume story is: It aint cheap to make me smell good. Or so I thought……..

Cut to me working on my last film “The Gentleman”. We were shooting at an enormous mansion but we were located around it’s luscious pool. So, the holding area, where hair and make-up was, was in the pool house. Which, in all fairness, was a house. The only thing is that it had ONE BATHROOM!!! For all of us to use, actors, crew, even the caterers for crying out loud! The problem wasn’t waiting to get into the bathroom. The problem was the guys going in there and blowing it up!! Well, on one day of the shoot, it was raining out, so there was no place else to be but in the pool house. And this big crew guy went in there and well… was bad. It smelled bad, it sounded bad. Bad bad bad! So someone came in and drowned the smell out with Lysol. Now, I’m not sure which scent was worse. And then one of the actresses, this stunning centerfold came and saved the day. She said to me “Do you like cotton candy” and I said “Yes?” at which point she whipped out a bottle of Calgon’s Cotton Candy Body Spray and liberated our poor abused noses! Being the scent snob that I am I expected the Calgon to be equal with the Lysol, and right infront of the bathroom stench! But I was happily surprised at how yummy it smelled!

The next day she brought in the Hawaiian Ginger which was also delish! And I bought the Marshmallow and LOVE it! Not only are these little treasures great for making the room and your bod smell good, but they also work great on freshening up clothing, bedding, and my car interior! Because they are only $6.99 I have no guilt in spraying up a storm! I have no doubt that there is a flavor out there for everyone and each one will smell yummier then the next!

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