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BYE BYE MICHAEL VICK!! Support and they donate to pet rescue groups!

BYE BYE MICHAEL VICK!! Support and they donate to pet rescue groups!

You don’t read the sports page? Yeah, I don’t either. Here’s what Michael Vick likes to do in his spare time. Michael Vick and 3 other men were served with a federal indictment for dog fighting. These men were accused of various things relating to this. Some of the most disgusting being the execution of dogs who didn’t fight well. The methods of execution included shooting the dogs with a pistol. Wetting them down and electrocuting them or just picking them up and slamming them into the ground till they were finally dead. Some of these dogs were perfectly healthy but because they couldn’t fight or make them money they disposed of them like so much trash. These actions should make any normal human being sick.

Somehow people are saying “Well, it’s not like it’s a crime against people so he should be OK”. Fuck that, are you kidding me? It’s better to take an animal with feelings and love and subject them to torture?

This is disgusting, I hope that this blog can do something, anything where we can talk about brutal dog fighting. I have been involved seriously for years in animal abuse and it makes me sick. I’ve always voted Republican but Senator Byrd (a Democrat) has my loyalty when he said “One is left wondering: Who are the real animals? Who are the real animals, who are the real animals — the creatures insde the ring or the creatures outside the ring?”

I know this is not about make-up, I know it is upsetting. I know that most of our readers have pets/family members and would want to know.

Michael Vick is a rich man, he’s a sick/evil man. He has a lot of money to do a lot of animal good. Until he does, I urge you to follow this link and help those that do not have a voice to speak on their behalf. Michael needs to be stopped

Look into those eyes? That was the least disturbing picture I could find. Be the voice for those that cannot speak. Help end the needless pain.


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