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Since I have been writing for, I have been blessed with miracles. No, I haven’t been able to turn water into wine but I did get to go to the the Donati Family Vineyard and taste some amazing vino. If you think about it, they water the vines, pick the grapes and ferment it into wine… However,  I am referring to miracle products, things like Mixed-Chicks Hair Products that work wonders on my curls, the Neti pot and Supersmile toothpaste

Today, I am reviewing Burn-B Gone a product that makes claims that remind me of the snake oil medicine shows of the 1800’s. From their site I quote their pitch of miraculous cures, “…the Swiss Army Knife of skin care because it has so many uses. More are being discovered everyday. I have successfully field-tested and used it for sun exposure, wound care, sting relief, burns, and dermatological issues.” I keep mine in my Megken-fridge which is next to my Megken-stove which is the most commonplace for me to acquire a Megken-burn. I think there are some Feng Shui rules about having the fridge next to the stove. Yeah, I am right according to “When designing the kitchen, never place a stove or refrigerator next to each other; the water element of the refrigerator diminishes the fire element of the stove.” That must be why I feel slightly off balance but that is the how the place came.

I got my first tube of Burn-B Gone over a month ago and as luck would have it, I didn’t get a burn, sunburn or any cut that may scar, darn! I love but I am not going to walk on hot coals to test a product. I did however have a little irritation, more like an itch in a private place. If you recall that character that has gone to the wayside of time, Domino’s Pizza’s old red suited rabbit-eared animated spokes-villain they called the “Noid” you’ll know what I am talking about and if that doesn’t clue you in one more hint: maybe you needed to “hem” some of your clothes recently and put “hem” and “noid” together and you are close… So after an uncomfortable bathroom visit, I thought I’d try a little Burn-B Gone to see if it helps the discomfort. Call me “daring”. It has a smell that I can describe as unnatural and it’s less of gel consistency than I expected, more on the liquid side, but it worked well and fast. I think that being a little on the liquid side makes it better to penetrate the skin.

The other thing I hate is when I get those “under-the-skin” pimples. They create redness and you can’t extract them not even with the Tweezerman tool I reviewed 2 weeks ago.  You put on the warm wet towels and hope it comes to the surface but they never do. They just irritate you and you can’t pick unless you get your hands on some gold mining tools.  So reading everything that Burn-B Gone claims to be for skin care I thought I’d give it a try on this under the skin pimple. Burn-B Gone claims to be a good agent to work in conjunction with sunscreen, improve the look of aging skin and help with all wounds from post surgery to stings. They claim cactus thorns, scrapes, scabs, healing cancer treatments, coral cuts, a dog bite, wart burnoffs, and kitchen burns have all been successfully treated with Burn-B Gone. As for my under-the-skin-pimple… The redness was reduced in 15 minutes and even some other little imperfections I dabbed it on looked better and even though it has a fragrance that is a little on the chemical side, it is biodegradable.

Have you ladies ever tried Burn-B Gone? What is the most multi-functional product you have?

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