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Well-groomed, fuller eyebrows are making a comeback (think of a toned-down Brooke Shields here). Last year, an instructor from a modeling school spoke to my female students and I recall her saying: “Teens and very young women often look unnatural when they enhance their brows; as women age, they look unfinished if they don’t.” Many cosmetic companies are offering products including stencils and powder or tinted gels to create the perfect arch. Unfortunately, brows are still often ignored, although they are key to a manicured, sophisticated look. When color is skillfully applied and brows are in place, eyes take on a gorgeous, refined look and act as the ultimate “finishing touch” for your makeup and face, like a frame for a painting. Ignoring brows is like finding and wearing the perfect shoes and grabbing the completely wrong purse as you dash out the door. Unfortunately, many women are clueless as to how to work with their brows. I’m hooked on something that makes it easy: NYC’s “Brow Buster.” NYC sells workable, affordable beauty products for all, and this is one of their most innovative, effective items. The diminutive kit provides brow shades in blonde or brunette, setting wax, and tiny tweezers. What more could you want for around $4.00? I’m especially impressed that wax is included, as I’ve used a bit of damp soap or clear mascara in the past and it is uncomfortable when they dry. I’m all about saving money, so read on for tips for achieving a polished look.

Directions for use? Begin with removing unwanted, straggly hairs and use small scissors to cut necessary ones that are becoming unruly. Over-zealous plucking can be quite risky, as eyebrows do not always grow back, much to the chagrin of women who have eliminated theirs by mistake. Since you may cause permanent removal, work slowly and with care. If you tweeze after a shower or place a warm, moist towel over them beforehand, your pores will open and hair is removed with less effort and “ouch!” The key is to work with your natural brow contour, not against it. One method to discover your own unique brow shape is to hold a pencil vertically against your nose. Begin tweezing superfluous hair outside of the area. Rotate the pencil to the end of your eye—that’s where tweezing and color should end unless you are aiming to copy Cleopatra’s extreme style. I love Revlon’s magnifying mirror it’s enormously helpful and sold in drugstores (Where else? I live in them!).Your goal is to enhance brows and not design new ones. Though tweezers are included in this kit and come in quite handy, I prefer to rely on those made by Revlon or Tweezerman.

Choose one of the hues NYC offers—blonde or brunette. Makeup artists generally agree that these should be as close to your natural hair color as possible or even a shade or two lighter to “open” the eye area (thus, NYC’S blonde flatters me even though my hair is auburn and would work for those with a deeper hair hue). The tones in this kit are appropriate for the majority of women. I’ve used gel tints, but powder allows for more control and flawless application. Use the small stiff-bristled brush to lightly apply color with gentle, feather-like motions. Overwhelming, dark brows are gaudy and unnatural. The wax keeps your brows tame and in shape during long days and into the night, and NYC’s compact provides a good amount of both products. Brushing brows nearly straight up before using wax imparts a “wide-awake” look, even if you’re dragging after having only two hours of sleep. Isn’t one of the purposes of makeup deception? What others don’t know won’t hurt them . .

Any other NYC Brow Buster Lovers?

Found at your local Drugstore!

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