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Bronzers, Mascara’s and Shadows – Sephora Saturdays!

Bronzers, Mascara’s and Shadows – Sephora Saturdays!

Every Saturday Katerock2004 lets you know what goes on in Sephora! She reports the must and the bust!

Last weekend, I went to visit my good friend Strawberryfields last weekend. It was so refreshing…I hadn’t seen her in a whole month. We have spent a lot of time, the two of us, sitting in Parisian subways observing the trademark French fashion (or sometimes lack thereof) and all we do is snicker and whisper to each other: “Holy Cow that’s so ugly. How could she wear that?” Has she BEEN shopping this century?” That’s generally how it goes. I sort of have the same kinds of moments sometimes working in a good old American mall. I mean there are just some “Dos” And there are certainly some “Dont’s.” And I know you girls could never be don’ts. But I charge you to be my disciples and spread the good news!

1) DON’T have Tarantula eyes. It is NOT attractive when you look like you have bugs stuck to your eyelids. Take your eye-makeup off at night (Try Caudalie Cleansing Water or even the Sephora Makeup Cleansing wipes on your nightstand if you’re lazy.) Your mascara tube should last you more than a week. If it doesn’t you’re using too much. I like Dior Show Black Out ($23) and Bourjois Yes to Volume! (No to Clumps!)

2) DO accentuate your eye color: Browns set off blue and green eyes, green sets of brown eyes, and purples and violets really make gray eyes pop! But remember -subtle is the key. We don’t need any more MiMi’s like on the Drew Carey show. One is plenty. DuWop and Pop both make great eye sets specific to eye-colors.

3) DON’T wear those 3 inch tall platform foam flip flops. They’re tacky, and they make everyone’s feet look fat. Doesn’t matter who you are. (Had to throw that one in there – it REALLY bugs me!)

4) Raccoons DO wear masks. You shouldn’t. Your eyeliner should not be a stripe a quarter of an inch wide above and underneath your eyes. It makes you look like a hooker.

5) DON’T wear dark, dark lip liner and a frosted, light lipstick. Contrary to popular belief, this was never Okay. The best bet if you need a lip liner is a nude one that closely matches the natural color of your lips. Smashbox in Caffe Latte or NARS in Jilted Love are safe bets! It may take a little experimentation.

6) DO invest in great skincare! Even LipSmackers and Tinkerbell look great on great skin. And that is worth more than a basketful of new eye shadows! Go to your nearest Sephora and ask for a full skincare consultation! Buy it all at once or do it a piece at a time. You will surely notice the different in no time. Send me a message if you have any questions or want some recommendations!

7) Bronzer DON’T equal foundation. Maybe this is just a problem living in the glorious South. Girls, bronzer is not meant to provide coverage and full color. Its just supposed to highlight. Foundation and concealer are supposed to cover and even complexion. Star Bronzers: Cargo (Comes in a variety of shades: light, medium, dark, matte to suit every complexion or Vincent Longo in Golden Glow gives such a pretty highlight to the face).

8) DO fill in your brows. We all had those tweezer-happy days in yesteryear. It’s time to put them back down. We don’t want straight lines for brows: Fill them in with whatever you fancy: Benefit’s Speed Brows or Anastasia’s Pencils or Smashbox’s Wax/Powder Duos are all great choices!

9) DO what you feel comfortable in. If you need a full face to be able to even open your garage door- than do it. Confidence is good!

And, finally,

10) DON’T underestimate the power of a smile!

See you next week girls! Can I get a YES! On these recommendations-Whose with me here?

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