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Meg here! This is a bit of a follow up to the article’s that MissRo pointed out on Mature Beauty and Natural Vs Makeup. This topic is another one that tackles both of these issues again.

Have you heard the whole “airbrushing controversy?” It seems Olay used former British Supermodel Twiggy in some ads showing her fresh faced and doe-eyed (obviously enhanced-I usually take that as a “duh”.)

Apparently Twiggy was shortly spotted and photographed after. Guess what? She looked neither fresh faced or doe-eyed. She looked pretty rough.

Everyone has bad days and in fairness I’ve woken up after a few too many and a restless sleep and not looked much better
Anyone can take a bad picture, right?

Well, poor Twiggy, imagine if you looked SO BAD on your “bad day” you sparked a national call to boycott airbrushing? Yikes!! If we’re going to talk about anyone having self esteem issues over airbrushing the #1 is probably poor Twiggy. I hear Twiggy is great friends with Fran Drescher Can you imagine the conversation?
Twiggy: No! Really Fran-I will not leave the house! I am bloody horrified!

Fran: Please you couldn’t have looked that bad! You’re a model. You’re a beauty. Get over it! Let’s go have fun.

Twiggy: I am aghast Fran! They are calling for a Boycott on airbrushing I looked so bad! It’s simply mad!

Fran: Yikes, good luck with that-call you later

The obvious arguments being presented is that these airbrushed ads are at the very least misleading. At the worst (they claim) create low self esteem and eating disorders.

To be fair to Twiggy, she may have set off this storm in England but the idea has been bounced around by the Aussies for a while.

Twiggy can take another breather. MP Jo Swinson is actually only wanting to go after companies that market to children. Swinson says “the consequences of altering such images can be very damaging” and “It’s part of our culture now but it’s a very damaging culture. It’s not even as though these airbrushed images are attainable – it’s not how they look.”

I was always told as a kid that there was “Always going to be someone smarter, prettier, funnier” etc.  It’s just called life. I’m pretty sure companies even before airbrushing were choosing the most unattainable looking people ever. That’s just business. If you’re selling a beauty product you’re going to get an insane beauty to be the face of it. Whether that face is attainable or not.

I think kids shouldn’t be getting their self esteem from magazines anyway. Where the heck are their parents and teachers?

Dear Twiggy-Feel better! I’m sure Fran is waiting for you to come have a spot of tea!

After the criticism you’ve gotten, be sure to put a stiff nip in it!

What do you think? Is airbrushing necessary or have the PC Police come to town?

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