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Hello I answered
Meg?she replied

From the way she said “Meg” I knew something was wrong. Really wrong. You don’t grow up with a bestfriend and not know from the tone of their voice or hesitation in their speech that something is not right.

Emilie or Greenie’s voice started to crack, she tried to muffle but I could hear her cry.

It’s my mom, she went to the doctor, she has breast cancer The wind was knocked out of my sails. I tried to calm her down and gather the facts. I’m extremely focused in times of pressure. I’m all over the place, a mess 99% of the time in my everyday life. Hand me a disaster, I go into problem solving mode, I turn into Perry Mason like nobody’s business.
Em, calm down, where was it? When did they catch it? Has it spread? Who are her doctors? While asking I pulled out a notebook, I wrote down everything she said to refer to. My head was spinning and I was scared. I didn’t want Emilie to know I was scared. I just acted like it was routine and normal, like getting a cold. After I did my bestfriend duty, after I tried to calm Em down, I hung up the phone. I went into my bedroom and I cried.

Let me tell you about Cindy Williams, I was fortunate to grow up under her guidance. She had another daughter in me, basically, she had too, I’m Emilie’s good friend and I’m not leaving. Obsessed with make-up? Yes I am. Cindy had 47 red lipsticks in her vanity and Em and I used to sneak into her bedroom to use all her products. She (swear to God) got a special lock on her bedroom door to keep us out of her stash!
HA HA HA Cindy, you never locked the bedroom window! We would go into the yard and climb in and still use your stuff!
Cindy was the glamorous, fabulous mother, she was a former high fashion model. She wore big jewelry, scarves, and in the summer- sexy bikini’s.

All of these thoughts and memories ran through my brain while I was comforting Emilie, saying them allowed help me comfort myself.t is with a full, happy and Cindy loved-so-much heart I am ecstatic to bring you how Cindy t Breast Cancer. While she was not able to keep us out of her makeup, she was able to beat cancer. Here is her story..

I was diagnosed with micro ductal invasive breast cancer in early November of 2005.

On the day I had my normal yearly mammogram checkup the nurse came outafter the procedure and said they wanted to do another on my left breast. After waiting the usual time and not thinking too much about it (I’ve had two cists aspirated over the years) I was told I needed a steriotactic biopsy. They scheduled me for that on an outpatient appointment about a week later. You lay on this table upside down with your boob hanging out and the surgeon gets under you and puts a mile long needle into your breast and takes out some tissue of the area and somefrom my lymph nodes under my arm! The nurse told me while I was waiting that it was probably just a benign tumor and not to worry. I was told the surgeon would call me with the results in a few days so off to homeI went to wait.

I was convinced it was probably nothing more than usual. My husband and I were getting ready for supper one evening and the phone call arrived
from the surgeon and instead of the words I thought I would hear. Thevoice hesitated and then said “You have breast cancer!” The good news was she said she thought it hadn’t spread into the lymph nodes and proceeded to tell me what I needed to do and what options needed to be discussed. After the call I sat in silence for awhile looking at my husband until the tears started to flow. I couldn’t stop crying, it’s always been such a great fear of mine to be diagnosed with this dreaded disease. My mother had breast cancer of a different kind.

I had the most wonderful doctors. They were all from the Boston area.I was given several choices of which I decided to go with the lumpectomy and radiation for six weeks following. The surgery was scheduled for right after thanksgiving; actually I was ready for the next day. I don’t like to wait for anything. Upon waking up from surgery I feltlike they left the scalpel in my breast. Medication doesn’t affect me like normal people. I was trying to scream but had no voice. Finally someone came over and said “Oh you look like you’re in pain.” If I could’ve said anything it would have been; “listen you knot heads I need more morphine”! This was one of the hardest parts (the pain of being under medicated).

The radiation following for five days a week for six weeks went fairly quickly. I met the most incredible people there, all battling different types of cancers. I was so impressed with the will to survive for most patients. I learned that with camaraderie and support you see things ina new light. I feel like life has become a privilege rather than justsurviving day to day. I am so grateful to have gone through this “trial by fire” and each day is a new day. I have so much to live for and so many causes to help with. I am blessed with the most wonderful lovingfamily and friends anyone could have. There are so many cures out thereto be had. Thank you for listening.-Cindy

Thank-you Cindy for sharing your story and for bring the amazing woman I am lucky enough to know!

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Ladies, have you tried any of these products or do you have anything to add about breast cancer?

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