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It’s my site. I’m Megsmakeup and it’s after midnight and I can write. So be cool.

Marathon Monday. It was amazing. I was a naughty child and I was always grounded over April vacation. Same violations. A boy I was “caught with.” My sentence was always up on Patriot’s Day. Maybe in the rest of the country “Patriots Day” didn’t mean much. It was always a “freedom day” for me. The first day off of a groundation, I managed to get trapped in the house for “bad behavior” for all of April. I never worked the concealer just right to hide the April Vacation hickey. And I did it in a “cah! (for those not familiar with Boston a “car.”)

Slut shaming is the new thang and I wasn’t “Slut Shamed” I just liked to get down in a cah because the 16 year olds I knew were not yet property owners.

Freedom from my groundation was a spring day. People were out and cheering and happy and I felt free from my parents. The real revolution.

Because I am so socially networked, I had on my twitter “A blast just went off” from a high school runner I was following. This is Boston, it’s not Baghdad. The follow up tweet I expected was for her to say she farted in her pants. Because I’m from Boston, we laugh and say that shit. Pun intended.

How on earth could it be something else? This is Boston.

Limbs blown off? Blood everywhere? No, I watched glued to the news. This is BOSTON.

I despised this city growing up, It’s a terrible city to grow up in. I hated it because it was a city that cared about “who your parents are” and “where did you go to school?” Fuck that. Who cares?

I fled far and fast to get away from it. I was never going to win here.

It sucked me back in.

I give money to the homeless. I rescue my dogs. I cook dinner every night and if you need a place to crash for a year, I wil take you in. I am Boston.

It is very important, your pedigree in Boston. I prefer mutts.

I can’t watch “Good Will Hunting” without crying. I sob. I know what it is like to leave everything behind to try to become “better.”

But do we know really?

I think back on the days of innocence, the days of fun! The days when I was so happy to sneak a “bee-ah” and just relax. You should have that day. They’re great days.

My friends in Boston, they’re the best people you’ll ever meet. This attack sickened all of us. “Wherever you go, there you are.”

And here I am. In Los Angeles 3,000 miles away. I’m safe. I had a wonderful dinner out. I just wish I were back in Boston. I wish I were home.



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