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Boscia California Orange Blotting Linens!!

Boscia California Orange Blotting Linens!!

The skin on Boscia’s Jessica is so perfect she had to send us her secret! Boscia California Orange Blotting Linens arrived on our doorstep with the promise of clear complexion for days ahead!

I’m pretty shameless in describing my beauty routines so here goes. When I am in those lovely, slick, PMS skin days I try to head off the blemishes by taking extra strength Oxy and slathering it on my forehead, nose bridge and nose tip and chin. It is slippery, glistening, a snow, thick white, pasty if you will. That’s how I’d describe this medicine while I apply it’s process in the bathroom mirror. I almost think I over applied,
I didn’t over apply. I look in the same bathroom mirror at the commercial break and IT’S GONE!! I swear, it has disappeared! Sure, I’m left with a flakey remnant but what happened to all my oil soaking medication?

I just remind myself that it’s in their fighting, soaking and placating the oil, bacteria and shiny germs. How did this happen to me? Why do I have a field of fungi growing on my face? Sure the germ glue has shut it up for now, but what about when it attacks!!

What about when it attacks at a place I can’t pour Oxy on? What if I need a quick, quiet place to conveniently put my shine to sleep?

Here’s what Boscia Blotting Linens claims. Instantly blot away excess oil and perspiration without disturbing your makeup. Hint: Let your personality shine, not your skin! Tip: Perfect for lipstick blotting too. Made from finely-woven leaf fibers of the exotic Abaca Tree Plant and infused with the energizing essence of fresh California Orange to enliven your complexion. Slim package fits perfectly in your pocket, handbag or desk drawer.

Ladies please post if the only shine you sported was that of your glowing personality and not of your T-Zone.

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Bocsia California Orange Blotting Linens

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