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Meg here! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great Halloween! I just got back from two weeks in NYC and it was great! I would walk down the street and say “Why did I ever move from here! It’s just glorious!” The next day, walking down the same street, unable to get a cab, in the rain, my shaking knees would be knocking together and I would curse the sky and say “How could I have ever lived here! I’m frozen!”

So, back to LA where the only constant thing in my life is the weather. I’m OK with that. Throw me any hardship you desire but please make sure its atleast 75 degrees and sunny out.

Alright so I’m back in the dating world and while it is not easy, I’m starting to try to keep up with technology. Everyone is on Facebook, if you are single it is VERY important to have a flattering/bordering on the best photograph you are probablly ever going to take in your entire life as your profile picture. I thought I had done that. It was not until my friend Brian piped up “God, can you please change your profile picture? Every time I look at it I feel like I’m in a time machine or something.” OK, so maybe the peignor and the pin curls were a bit much but I was just trying to show I was glam.

I’ve been accused of being an “Old soul” ever since I can remember but maybe I need to reincarnate. I was at a dates apt. this past week and he is foreign (I think he’s legal though, age wise at least) and he gave me what most people would call a back-handed compliment. He said in a heavy accent “You are very beautiful, but not for today, from another time, from a long long time back.”

Thanks was my response, then “Can I smoke in here?”

I’m no Dita Vonteese so I guess it’s the red lipstick and the fact I have to use hot rollers to get my thin hair some body. I don’t know, I guess the foreigner wasn’t that off the mark. My bedroom has had men tell me it’s just like their grandma’s. Shoot, now that I think about it, it could be that I’d grab Chanel over Cavalli, and do wish that driving gloves would come back in. If only I could ponder this over a nice tom collins!

‘t be the only girl out there that has had this comparison. I mean, all you ladies are product junkies. Doesn’t that translate into an embrace of frilly and fabulous and yes, siren red lips? What would be modern? Throw my hair into a ratty ponytail and grab some blistex?

I changed my Facebook profile. It might be the best photo I’ve ever taken, the hair is straighter in it and there is no fluffy robe. However, I’m wearing Revlon’s very old school, very classic “Cherries In The Snow” red lipstick. I’m not going to completely false advertise!

Any other Norma Desmonds out there?

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