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Hello there, ladies! Vexy here, your Friday fragrance fiend, bringing you the best in sexy scents and scintillating smells! Sorry for the late post today- I’ve been cramming for an exam this week (which I aced) which left me not a lot of time to write. But I’m here now, bringing you a scent that gives you a whole new level of sexy. I’m serious, ladies- I can’t stop sniffing myself! I’ve been wearing this all week and I’ve even put some of it in my 3 in. Sephora atomizer for portability. It’s even replaced my beloved Pink Sugar!

But enough of my raving- let’s talk about the actual scent, shall we?

First thing’s first: the bad before the good, right? The one, tiny, TINY gripe that I have is the bottle. It’s… simple. Sure, it goes with the name, but the square bottle with a plain silver cap reminds me more of a laboratory vial then an alluring bottle of perfume, you know? But enough of that- it’s what is inside the bottle that counts!

Now, let’s talk about the name. “Almost Bare”. I don’t usually notice perfume names- it’s all about the scent, right?- but for some reason this just seems so downright sexy when it’s paired with this scent. Which- have I mentioned this yet?- is an /amazing/ scent.

When I read the description, I wasn’t prepared to be wow-ed. There’s a lot of bergamot-floral scents out there, and a lot of them are great. Still, it didn’t feel like anything new. And then I actually sprayed the stuff and I was astounded. A-stoun-ded, seriously. The top notes (which the site says are violet leaves and bergamot) sparkle, but aren’t as sharp as bergamot notes are in other scents. They’re more mellow with a bit of tang.

But the dry-down (perfume speak for when your scent changes to the middle notes and base notes, if you were wondering) is what /really/ makes this special. I love the scent of jasmine anyway, but there was something else in it- something more fresh and green but still floral. It was an exquisite blend, but my nose couldn’t pinpoint what the heck that other note was besides the jasmine petals. I went to the site and, well, here was what they said:

“A sexy, new fragrance from Bobbi Brown — Almost Bare. This fresh floral fragrance features a delicate balance of inspiring Italian Bergamot blended with Violet Leaves to relax and soothe the senses. The scent is enhanced by a note of Soft Muguet and gentle Jasmine Petals, with a Soft Cedar and Warm Amber background.”

What the hey is soft muguet? After some searching, I discovered that muguet is, in fact, another name for Lily-of-the-Valley. So /that’s/ what I was smelling! No matter what it’s called, it’s extraordinary. The warm basenotes (the amber comes through more than the cedar, in my opinion) give it an undercurrent that isn’t typical of a floral.

Overall, I’d say this is a must-have for women of any age. It’s one of those scents that’s timeless and I think it’s sort of becoming my new signature scents! It’s fresh but still dainty, strong but still sensual, and just a wonderful perfume overall.

What about you ladies? Have any of you been stunned by Bobbi Brown’s Almost Bare?

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