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My week has had enough hair hump as is. So today, we’re making a switch-a-roo. The sparkling and sexy Cynthia from Blush Professional Teeth Whitening System sent MegsMakeup off some of their celeb favorite whitening kits. Their whitener supporters are like a Who’s Who at Spago during awards season. Not only that but this product got those zany ladies over at The View all clucking about it!

This is a very comprehensive kit, they got it all-trays, syringes and their bleaching gel. It’s like a personal cosmetic dentist arrived at your front door! Without the agonizing elevator music or actually say, having to have dental insurance, not like that would cover it. When I got my teeth lasered they shook me down for $500 beans and that was with a “SPECIAL”.

It’s also great to be able to do this while watching “Dirty, Sexy Money”. For as involved it looks it’s quite simple:
Custom fit dental trays. Brush & floss your teeth. Place the powerful teeth bleaching gel in your custom dental tray and use 45 minutes per day 3 days in a row until desired whitening is achieved.

The only part of this you have to be paying attention during is when you place your trays into boiling water (this is just to soften them so you get a fab tooth mold), keep an eye on it or else it’s tough to redo.

HOM and I did this together (we each had our own tray set) and by day three we really could see a major difference with each others smile! Felt cleaner, looked whiter and looked almost as good after 3 days as I looked after dropping my $500 beans. I’m sure after 5 days I’ll be where I was with that money-sucking laser.

Here’s what Blush Professional Tooth Whitening System has to say..“Blush Teeth Whitening 22% carbamide peroxide fast acting gel removes tough food, coffee or red wine stains. Go from dull or yellow teeth to white and bright in one application. Convenient at home kit is safe and easy to use with special formula that reduces mouth, tooth and gum sensitivity. Non-prescriptive oral antiseptic Blush is maximum strength professional and dental grade, the strongest over the counter formula. It is the best-kept secret of red carpets, Hollywood makeup artist’s, brides, models and celebrities. This is a teeth bleaching system. This is the best teeth whitening system on the market today”.

Here is the real kicker, you’re getting The same 22% carbamide peroxide that’s MAXIMUM DENTIST GRADE BABE! They sell the same EXACT formula to your dentist who then just marks it up. Why not keep the middle man money in your pocket? You know to put into your savings account..HA! Or buy new shoes.

Already have trays from your dentist but don’t want to buy his 2 syringes of refill gel for $50? Great news! Pay $50 for 4 instead here! All this savings is making me dizzy. No high like a bargain my friend.

This is a wonderful product that will make you smile, really want to keep showing off your pearlies! Too keep you smiling Cynthia has given us only at Megs a FREE SHIPPING CODE blush2 I’m using my free code to stock up on my refills ASAP! Take that Doctor McDrill!

Ladies, once those pesky stains were gone did you finally feel fully dressed?

Blush Whitening – Buy it Here!

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